On Thin Ice

1. Like An Animal
2. No Law City
3. I'm Paranoid
4. Playing With Death
5. Real Fighter
6. Talk Shit And Get Hit
7. Final Sentence
8. Rosa Maria
9. World Eyes On Me
10. Love Is Hard
11. The Crown

Elna - Vocals
Patricia - Guitar
Marina - Bass
Dani - Drums

Good Luck (2016)


Produced by Ola Ersfjord
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Released 2018-10-05
Reviewed 2018-09-25

the sign records

Thin ice is where the members of Spanish band Lizzies are occupying themselves when they are going for their second album. This new album called On Thin Ice follows the acclaimed debut album Good Luck that was released in 2016. This album has a pretty funny artwork but also one that looks old, like some nostalgic dream of another rock album that comes blasting from the past – still, it is kind of funny. The music also gives this sensation of being something out of the past.

Heavy rock/heavy metal of the classic kind but also remnant of a few female fronted rockers of today, the singer lady has good energy and sings well. The style is familiar, classic, nostalgic, not really anything that breaks new ground or anything like that. Decent variation on an album that is quite short and to the point, not an album that will feel too long and it is a solid production. But it is not an album that can be thought of as groundbreaking or innovative, it doesn’t really offer any surprises.

I think that this album is good, with good songs and a sense of entertainment. None of the tracks really stand out but they are all good and they all play the nostalgia card. Good songs that makes you think of times past, good songs but not songs that stand out, good album I think. And it could be worth checking out if you happen to be a fan of this band or any of the similar bands mentioned in this review. The weakness is the lack of fresh ideas, that the album sounds pretty much like stuff done before and that they adhere too strictly to the confines of their genre. So it may no be that unique but it is a good effort I think even though chances are that it will drown in the ever-increasing stream of similar stuff.

Solid album is my impression of this album and I don’t think the band is on too thin ice, it will probably hold their weight. It will most likely appeal to fans of this kind of hardrock/metal, the conclusion will have to be that it is a good album. But the question on whether or not it is an album to purchase is a bit harder to answer, it is not a given but I don’t think it will be disappointing to those who buy it. So in the end I think that Lizzies has put together a good album here.





Label: The Sign Records
Three similar bands: Sister Sin/Heavy Tiger/The Dirty Denims
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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