01. The Awakening
02. Scaryman
03. Star
04. Get Up On The Stage
05. Fight
06. Get It On
07. Falling Away
08. Tick Tock
09. Trouble In Paradise
10. Everytime I Close My Eyes (Acoustic Bonus)

Alex K - vocals, guitar
Koffe K - drums
Conny S - guitar




Released 2018-06-01
Reviewed 2018-06-12

street symphonies

Lipz is a Swedish trio of scary men who are now releasing their debut album called Scaryman. It is an album that comes seven years after the band’s inception which too place in 2011, they released their first single in 2012 and an EP a few years after that. And of course they are sold in big words like revival of glam rock and that sort of thing, I didn’t think that the glam rock ever died and that the Swedes have been at the forefront of this genre for the last few years. They are also described with terms like extravagance and madness, always good words when you think about music, it should be mad and crazy and extravagant. So, how cool is this Scaryman album? Read on and you shall know.

In terms of the music I don’t think it offers anything new or overly exciting from the creative standpoint, it is glam rock, sleaze, that sort of styles are used to describe music like this in general. The songs are catchy and energetic, and like the best bands of this genre it feels a bit rebellious and sort of pubertal, it has attitude. The production is strong and the sounds works quite well for this album, a bit rough around the edges, good energy and power. The vocalist is rather good as well, so they are quite strong in areas that many bands in this genre don’t excel in, like the vocals and the attitude. And they do keep is short enough as well, it is not an album that feels too long and the variation is pretty decent as well.

Pretty fun that they start with awakening and ends with closing of eyes, a strong acoustic ending. The songs of the album are all strong and I don’t think this album has any particular weakness, even though I could do with the introducing shot, but then we would miss the awakening and it isn’t a small thing in the full scale of the album. I think this is an album that will go down well with fans of the glam or sleaze fans, the songs are so good and the album as a whole works really well, really catchy. It feels like these guys know what they are doing and they have put together a very strong album that I can listen to several times over. This album is probably one of the more interesting albums of this genre that I have heard in my time writing for this webzine.

Zesty and entertaining album with many good tracks of which I find the title track being the one I like the most, that Scaryman sure is a strong and entertaining track. The track that follows called Star is also quite good, Fight is a great track for a fight or whatever and I also like that acoustic ending called Everytime I Close My Eyes. So in the end I think that the conclusion can only be that Scaryman is a strong and entertaining album well worth checking out. I really like it and by the way, the answer is quite.





Label: Street Symphonies
Three similar bands: Crashdiet/Skid Row/Crazy Lixx
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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