Leonore S. Fingers
All Things Lost on Earth

1. My Name Is Snow
2. Lakeview's Ghost
3. Rebirth
4. Ever After
5. Luciferines
6. Epitaph
7. My Schizophreniac Child
8. Decadence Of Seasons
9. All Things Lost On Earth
10. Ascension

Federica Lenore Catalano - vocals, acoustic guitars, guitar synth
Patrizio Zurzolo - electric guitars, guitar synth
Natale Casile - bass
Gianfranco Logiudice - drums

Inner Tales (2014)

Anna Murphy - keyboards, synth and hurdy-gurdy

Recorded with Anna Murphy’s supervision at Soundfarm Studio
Cover by Max Winter

Released 2018-03-23
Reviewed 2018-04-10

my kingdom music

She claims her name is Snow; the singer of Leonore S. Fingers and that is certainly a fitting name at a time like this even though the snow is starting to slowly melt now. That snowy name is the opening track of the second album of this Italian quartet, an album that follows four years after their debut album that was released in 2014. And it is an album with a really attractive artwork, but I can also add that the artwork isn’t the only attractive thing about this album. Singer Federica has a very good voice and the band does most things right on this album that of course makes for an interesting musical experience. And if you are wondering about the somewhat strange name of the band I can just short note that it is from the world of comics and literature, I leave it at that.

Not that it really interest me with overly complex genre descriptions but I do think that the Italians have to be the most imaginative in that regard – this album is stylistically described as decadent gothic metal in the press material and I guess that can be described as correct. Female fronted slowly paced melancholic, somewhat dark metal – gothic metal is usually the group name for this kind of music. I think the sound and production is really good, quite dramatic in a way. And it can also be described as rather fresh in terms of style, meaning that it is a bit different from the more common albums we hear every day. Perhaps they could have worked on making the album slightly more varied and while it is short enough not to feel long I still feel they could have lost one of the track to make it feel more direct and concise.

Overall I find this album to be good, it is an excellent production, great vocals, fresh in terms of style and great cover art – yet the album feels somewhere slightly above average, not at all as exciting as it could have been. The songs and all those things are really strong but perhaps it needs a hit song or a bit more depth, it is not as great or captivating as this album should be. It probably works best as background music when you don’t really focus on the music you are listening to, for that it is an excellent album. And I guess that if you are a fan of the genre, of bands like The Gathering and their peers, you will probably like this album and should have a closer look at it – it has a fair deal to offer.

Wow-experience gone awry is how I would describe this album, when I first heard this album I thought it was going to be a great album like other albums that fulfils the same criteria as this one. But it doesn’t quite fulfil it potential, not that it is bad or anything like that as I think it is a good album with great vocals and great sound. It also looks good, and it is an album worth checking out. All Things Lost on Earth is a really well made album that I think is quite impossible to dislike, but could perhaps have been a bit more adventurous and dynamic.








Label: My Kingdom Music
Three similar bands: Anathema/Antimatter/The Gathering
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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