Lars Eric Mattsson
Sand and Blood

01. Rock Your World
02. Snow Queen
03. You
04. Queen of Love
05. Helena of Troy
06. Stand Up and Shout
07. Bleed for You
08. I’ll be Your Light
09. If Loving You is a Sin
10. Can’t Go On Without Your Love (2017)
11. Still Here Waiting (feat. Adrienn Antal)

Lars Eric Mattsson - vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards.
Adrienn Antal - all vocals on "Still Here Waiting"
Christer Jansson - drums
Alexander King - piano

Eternity (1988)
No Surrender (1989)
Electric Voodoo (The Exciter) (1990)
Obsession (1998)
Another Dimension (2000)
Power Games (2003)
War (2005)
Earthbound (2005)
Dream Child (2008)
Tango (2010)
Aurora Borealis (2011)
Epicentre (2013)
Hot and Able (1983-85) (2014)
Let Me Rock You (1984-87) (2014)
Songs from a Different Room (2015)


Production, Mixing and Mastering by Lars Eric Mattsson
All music and lyrics written by Lars Eric Mattsson
Composed and Recorded between 2016-2017
Mixed at the New Lion’s Cage in 2017
Photos by Olle Sjöstrand August 2017

Released 2017-11-16
Reviewed 2018-01-29

lion music

Lars Eric Mattsson is offering a new addition to his already numerous amounts of albums in his discography. He has been heard under many different names and he has usually done some good stuff and this is no exception, the ending is particularly good. Last time around he did an acoustic album, this time it is all electric and Lars himself does most of the vocals, except for the ones in the ending song where Andrienn Antal sings and does it really well. And I think it is a rather interesting album, well worth checking out.

A rocking album with quite straightforward songs, good melodies, some catchiness and decent energy but not without the stylistic touches we have come to know from Mattsson. I think that he sings rather well throughout the album, he sings in a rather personal style that fits the songs really well. The production is good, the album has a good soundscape and I particularly like the guitar sound of this album. But perhaps it is a little bit on the long side and perhaps it could have had a bit more depth, but that is just me being a bit picky as is my role as a critic.

Really great ending, I think that has to be my biggest impression of this album. I also think that the ninth track If Loving You Is a Sin is a rather memorable track of this album, an overall good album. I like it and I think that no one will really be disappointed if they buy this album, I don’t really think it has any weaknesses. It may not stand out way above everything else but it is a strong and solid album with good songs and a great ending.

Strong effort overall, and recommended if you like what Lars Eric Mattsson has done before, it is his style and done well. Well, it is an album worth checking out even if you don’t really know Lars’ music you probably won’t be disappointed. Sand and Blood is a good album, I have enjoyed it and in the end I can only tip my hat to the excellent ballad he chose to end this album with.





Label: Lion Music
Three similar bands: Vision/Condition Red/Book of Reflections
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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