Last Legion

1. With Hatred and Assault Weapons
2. Rise of the Necrons
3. Starvation and Disease
4. Krutdoft

Christian Larsson - Guitars
Andreas Schütz - Bass
Tomas Jeppsson - Drums
Olle Olsson - Vocals



Recorded in Last Legion’s Rehearsal Room
Mixed and mastered by Christian & Tomas
Artwork by Olle Olsson

Released 2018-06-11
Reviewed 2018-09-16


Last Legion comes up with a gunpowder smelling short little EP called Krutdoft, which means gunpowder smell if you translate it. So we get the ending title song in the Swedish language and then we get three additional tracks and it all starts with hatred and assault weapons, not really a good combination. Decent artwork and packaged in a nice digipak-format comes this release that is the third demo of these guys from Skövde in Sweden. We get to hear the singer from acclaimed band Seedna whom I praised highly in the webzine and we get to hear some old-school thrash/death metal if we are to believe what the guitarist Christian wrote to me in a mail a while ago when he asked me to review the album. So now I review it and here’s what I think.

A powerful piece that gives us some powerful and traditional thrash/death metal music, and we are offered aggressive and really raw powerful vocals that are a strong point to this EP. I think that the sound is powerful and that the production can be described as rather competent. It is nice to hear the Swedish language in this genre, it doesn’t happen too often but it is only one track and overall they aren’t really breaking much new ground – they thread on familiar paths, so to speak. And I also think that four tracks are a bit few, and in my opinion it would have been preferable to have an album but that may be down to me not really liking the EP-format.

Strong demo release with good tracks, these guys might have something here. Of course they have some things to address as well, I think they need to be a bit braver from a creative point of view. Krutdoft can be said to be a good foundation to work from, they certainly have the ability to make enjoyable tracks but to be successful in the extremely competitive world of music you need more than a few good tracks, you need to make something that stands out from the majority of similar bands and I don’t think they are quite there yet. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed playing through their four-track CD quite a few times now and I especially like the ending title track that smells of gunpowder.

To end it all I can come up with the conclusion that I think Last Legion is a band that has much going for them and that they have put together a really good demo release here. Their songs are good and powerful but perhaps they need to find a slightly more personal style to set them apart from the masses, but I think that if you like thrash or death metal this could be worth checking out.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Darkane/Legion of the Damned/Death Angel
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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