1. 51∞23'20"N,30∞6'38"E
2. 61∞45'17"N,59∞27'46"E

Khorus - bass
Zhoth - vocals
Odalv - drums
Helg - guitars
Hyozt - guitars, keys and samples

Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. (2015)
Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains (2016)


"51∞23'20"N,30∞6'38"E" was written and arranged during winter 2017.
Drums, bass and guitars recorded live in Hold Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, March, 2017.
Engineer Rst7/CBSIE.
"61∞45'17"N,59∞27'46"E" was written and arranged during winter 2015.
Drums, bass and guitars recorded live in Hold Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, February, 2015.
Engineer Rst7/CBSIE.
Keyboards and samples recorded in OldHyozthome Studio, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, spring 2017 - autumn 2017.E
ngineer Hyozt.
Vocals recorded in Beast Sound Studios, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, winter 2017
Engineer Dmytro Pavlovskiy.
Mixed and mastered in Hold Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, winter 2017.
Engineer Rst7/CBSIE.
Music written by Helg & Hyozt.
Lyric written by Zhoth.
Produced and arranged by KZOHH.
Art direction and cover concept by Sir Gorgoroth & KZOHH.
Design by Sir Gorgoroth.
Logo by Alex Tartsus (Morning Star Art studios)

Released 2018-04-26
Reviewed 2018-05-16

ashen dominion

Kzohh from Ukraine makes their fourth album, pretty diligent for a band that begun their journey in 2014. This fourth album is of course called 26 and consists of two tracks titled as coordinates. According to the press material one of the tracks is about the Chernobyl disaster and the other about a Mansi hunter legend with nine dead hunters and a haunted mountain – exciting perhaps, or just interesting themes of a darkish album. As it looks from the cover you it is an album that can be sorted into the black metal genre, at least according to the press material that described the album as pestilent black metal.

Zooming in on that pestilent black metal, atmospheric black metal is probably the way I would describe it. Two long and sweeping tracks, adventurous in nature – pretty dramatic as well. Some growls, some talk, some clean vocals, good production and strong melodies. Only two tracks but the album is varied within the tracks themselves and the playing time of slightly less than forty minutes is easy to work through without growing bored with it. Quite a lot more interesting from a creative standpoint than most black metal even though it may not feel overly innovative when listening to it.

Overall I think that this is a good album, it has a lot going for it and it is fairly exciting with depth and atmosphere. In fact, the atmosphere of this album is really good I think – perhaps it is the strongest part of the album. The sort of laid back approach makes it perhaps a little anonymous in the grander scheme of things and I believe you should be a fan of the pestilent black metal to really appreciate the album to its fullest. No real weakness I think, though it could perhaps had been somewhat heavier and dynamic but I think it works rather well and if you do enjoy the style of the similar bands it should be a given to check this one out.

Have to end with the conclusion that this album is much better than I had expected, from the name and the cover I figured with would be a cheapish sounding dull black metal album – it isn’t. These guys creates good atmosphere, they have some good ideas and this album works rather well. You could say that the Ukrainian band’s fourth album called 26 is a pretty good one.







Label: Ashen Dominion
Three similar bands: Khors/Ygg/Ulvegr
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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