Kevlar Bikini
Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms

1. Pre-Doomsday Orgy
2. Clerofashionistas
3. Rabies Road
4. Nailbiter Blues
5. Desk Flip Time
6. Not Your Night
7. Squeezing Diamonds out of Slime
8. One of Those Bands with More Haters Than Friends
9. Meatbomb
10. Homo Rattus

Mario Balta - guitar, vocals
Siniša Arlavi’s - bass
Vedran Ernjakovic - drums

Explodisiac (2012)
Hi-Fi or Die (2014)

Sax on Homo Rattus by Vanja Ileković

Album recorded @ Soundcage Studio by Mario Romanić - Marizza
Mixed and mastered @ Chicken Sound Studio by Vedran Kovačić - Beli
Cover artwork by Berta and Doringo

Released 2018-09-14
Reviewed 2018-10-22


geenger records

Ranting men wearing Kevlar bikinis is what I am writing about today, the new album by Kevlar Bikini called Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms is what I am writing about. I have written about them before, questioning the use of a Kevlar bikini, at least as a protective garment. The Croatian band has released their third album, their first album (which we reviewed) was pretty good and this one has a cool artwork that has ninja feel to it. So how about the music, does it kick some ass.

Well, it is a fast paced and energetic album. Hardrock, punk, noise rock, hardcore punk or something in that direction could be a good description of this album. It has ten tracks with ridiculous titles and some grunty as well as raw vocals, the album itself is quite raw. I think we can describe it as a rather rough production; perhaps we can call it a budget production, as they seem to make what they make with a fairly minimalistic approach. Good thing is that they keep it short and to the point with a playing time that feels kind of bearable.

The playing time is kind of bearable, but the album is still not fun to listen to. I think it is a rather boring album; the rawer and more amusing approach than the debut is ruined by the much poorer songs of this album. The album feels fresher than last time I heard the band but this is still a lot worse, but I do think that those who really liked what they have done before probably will find this one a good album as well. It may feel like a chore to listen through but good thing is that it isn’t terrible or anything like that – just uninteresting.

Conclusion is that Kevlar Bikini still is a poor protective garment, a bad band name and their latest album isn’t much better than the name. I think the cover artwork is the best thing about the album and though it is nice it isn’t the most impressive artwork I have ever seen. With that rant I have now concluded that this isn’t the best ever album I have reviewed.




Label: Geenger Records
Three similar bands: Danko Jones/Mustasch/Black Stone Cherry
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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