Joe Deninzon & Stratospherius
Guilty of Innocence

1. Behind the Curtain
2. Take Your Medicin
3. Guilty of Innocence
4. Fact
5. Hysteria
6. Affluenza
7. Parallel Reality
8. Game of Chicken
9. Dream Diary Cadenza
10. soul Food

Joe Deninzon - violin, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Lucianna Padmore - Drums
Aurelien Budynek - Guitar, vocals
Jamie Bishop - Bass

Electric/Blue (1998)
The Adventures of Stratospheerius (2002)
Live Wires (2004)
Headspace (2007)
The Next World (2012)

Benny Koonjevsky - percussion
Rave Tesar - synth, piano
Malanie Mitrano - soprano
Alex Skolnik - guitar
Randy McStine - guitar/bg vocals
Patrice Jackson - cello
Eddie Venegas - violin
Earl Maneein - viola
Leo Grinhauz - cello

Produced by Joe Deninzon
Artwork by Max Deninzon
Layout and design by Claire Deninzon
Mixed by Alex Salzman
Face mixed by Nic Hard
Dream Diary Cadenza mixed by Joe Deninzon
Mastered by Rave Tesar

Released 2018-01-01
Reviewed 2018-03-13

melodic revolution records

This exciting album showed up in my mailbox a little while ago, a digipak-CD that has been playing in my car for a rather long time. And by playing it many times over I have reached some conclusions about the album. Firstly that the cover is quite fun and like made by a child, perhaps the artist called Max Deninzon is a child of main man Joe Deninzon, they share last name anyway. Moreover these Stratospheerius guys are giving us quite a creative album, not only does the artwork indicate a band that thinks outside the box, the album shows that they really do think outside the box and while they might be guilty of innocence they are certainly guilty of being creative.

The music is difficult to describe, it spans a wide variety of styles like progressive rock, rock music, a bit of jazz and many other things. Joe who sings and plays the violin shows a great voice for this kind of music and the album is creative and varied throughout. It feels like an album that keeps one listening for the duration and that stands up well for repeated playthroughs. I think that it is an album that despite not fitting into a particular format will appeal to a rather wide audience, it should be commercially viable as well and with the right exposure it might sell rather well.

This is a great album in my view, the songs are strong throughout and the album has no weaknesses. It is great stuff I think and as I stated before it is an album that stands for repeated listening as it has depth variation and most of all it has some great songs, where the finest ones are the opening pair along with the ending twelve-minute track Soul Food. You have to love the creative musicians, they aren’t exactly in a majority and while most of them are good craftsmen they aren’t really artists from a creative standpoint. This band shows that those creative musicians still exist and that they make some brilliant music for us to enjoy.

The Guilty of Innocence album is a very strong album that I have enjoyed playing in my car and listening to whenever I have done so, perhaps the biggest negative I can find when writing this review is that I have to listen to something else in the car now. And with that written I can only conclude that I think that this is an album that should appeal to a wide audience and it is an album that you really should have a closer look at. Guilty of Innocence comes highly recommended by this writer.






Label: Melodic Revolution Records
Three similar bands: Blues Traveler/Frank Zappa/Dixie Dregs
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Ratings: Daniel Källmalm

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