Irish Moutarde

1. Prélude en La (Lala)
2. The Poison Trail
3. Terre Rouge
4. Jarrets
5. Eat, Drink and Be Merry
6. N’oublions Pas
7. À La Santé de Lucifer
8. Only In your Lies
9. Bientôt
10. Old Days
11. Go Away
12. Condamnés
13. The Bitter End

Fred Vandal - bass & vocals
Jerome Belanger - lead guitars
Sébastien Malenfant - drums & vocals
Andrée-Anne McHalley - vocals, keys & accordion
Gabor ”Gabichou” Somogyvari - bagpipes
Tony Vandal - banjo, acoustic guitar, vocals

Raise 'em All (2013)



Released 2018-05-03
Reviewed 2018-06-06


So, today when I am writing this review we are cheering for the national day of my home country Sweden, hence the selection of a cover with clanging glasses for the review of the day. Apparently I wrote an awesome review back in the day when they released their first album so now they want me to write again – and why not spend part of the national day writing about this Canadian band? So as you now know it is their second album, their first album Raise ‘em All was released in 2013 and I wrote some positive things about it because it was a good album – so how about this new one? The cover looks less great than it did on the first album but the music sounds greater so I guess they are about even so the rating will be the same.

Kegs of beer and liquors might have gone into the process, or at least that seems to be the main idea of the music – kind of pub-rock or pup-punk. It happens to be simplistic punk rock music with a pub theme and Celtic elements like bagpipes, whistles and that kind of stylish things. Male and female vocals, the Celtic elements add depth to a stylishly simple album with straightforward songs that shows energy and a bit of light-hearted humour. Good production with modern sound as well, I think a logical successor to their 2013 album and a slight musical step forwards if you compare the two.

A great album I think, a little bit better than the debut and the perfect companion for that Celtic pup or that Celtic party or whatever. Music that is easy to like and to enjoy, it is simple but has enough depth to last for a fairly long time. All the songs are strong and I don’t really think it is an album that has any noticeable weakness, it is strong to the bitter end and it is probably that bitter end that holds the greatest track of the album as well, not that it needs a standout hit as the album is good as a whole and all the tracks has decent hit potential. Yeah, these Canadians can have another positive review to their name as far as I am concerned, its awesomeness is up to the band to decide – all I can say is that it works even for me who is not even close to a frequent pub visitor.

Lastly I can just point out that it is the music for the pup, especially if you are a pub serving the Celtic stuff. I like it and anyone who likes simple and catchy music will find this album most appealing, I recommend checking these guys out. More than claiming that Perdition is a strong album isn’t really needed, Cheers!




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: The Roughneck Riot/Flogging Molly/The Real McKenzies
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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