Hollywood Undead

1. Bloody Nose
2. Live Fast Die Young
3. Something to Believe
4. Gotta Let Go
5. Another Level

Johnny 3 Tears - vocals, bass guitar
J-Dog - vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, programming
Charlie Scene - vocals, guitar
Funny Man - vocals
Danny - vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass

Swan Songs (2008)
American Tragedy (2011)
Notes from the Underground (2013)
Day of the Dead (2015)
V (2017)


Courtney Ballard: production (Gotta Let Go, Live Fast Die Young, Something to Believe)
Griffin Boice: co-production (Another Level), piano (Gotta Let Go)
Matt Good: production (Another Level)
Sean Gould: production (Bloody Nose)
Kraddy: co-production (Another Level)
James Krausse: mixing (Another Level, Gotta Let Go)
Jarod Poythress: co-production (Gotta Let Go)
Dale Sebastian: mastering (Another Level, Gotta Let Go)

Released 2018-11-05
Reviewed 2018-11-13


Hollywood Undead released a surprise EP all of a sudden, and I have been listening to it. Five tracks is what we are getting on this EP that is called Psalms, some of the songs have been released before on youtube and things like that and have been quite popular. Could that be an indication of the band being interesting or is it an indication that the masses like them, the latter could be troublesome, as the masses usually don’t have good taste. So how about it, are these psalms enjoyable or the same as a bloody nose?

In terms of music I think this EP is a logical continuation of what we heard on V, a good mash-up of pop, rock, metal, rap and many musical influences that makes up their fairly unique musical style. The five tracks of the EP show their diversity, decent variation and it is quite short with only five tracks. I think the production is good, strong sound and effective catchiness. This is a rather fresh EP, the band has pretty clever ideas and they dare to make their own thing, which is always great.

I have found this EP to be quite entertaining, not as great as the album preceding it but a good little EP. The first track Bloody Nose is really good I think and the fourth track Gotta Let Go is another good one. But then I think about half the EP is perhaps a little bit indifferent, good but not as impressive as the band can be, and in the end the EP falls a little bit short in comparison with the album that came last year but it is good nevertheless.

So I can conclude that this is a logical continuation from what they did last year but I would still rather recommend the album V before recommending this EP. This EP is good but said album is just better. A good surprise...




Label: BMG
Three similar bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers/Bayside/Era 9
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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