Henry Metal

1. Consecrate
2. Where the Dumbasses Roam
3. 2 Chicks
4. Bad Mother
5. Baby
6. Turbo Stang
7. Love Song
8. Vampyre
9. Rock Like a Bard

Henry Metal

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Wizard vs Demon (2017)
The Maestro Abides (2017)
So it Hath Begun (2017)

War in Heaven (2018)
Deadlift Cowboy (2018)



Released 2017-12-01
Reviewed 2018-02-15


Henry Metal is a very diligent heavy metal dude, releasing albums in a furious tempo. This is one of those many albums that has already been released this past few months, it is called V and it doesn’t exactly have the most impressive cover I have ever seen in my life. And with songs of sex dreams, muscle cars and other silly pubertal things that the metal guy seems to like, Henry Metal hardly offer any surprises on the musical level.

Entertaining lyrics, at least kind of, silly is perhaps a better word. That and heavy metal is what we are being offered over nine tracks and forty minutes of music, at least it is kept short but due to rather small variation it feels a tad longer than the forty it plays. The production is rather good and the vocalist is pretty okay, it is an album that has a lot for the heavy metal fan. It has a lot but not very much originality, the songs are of the typical variety and having heard an album by Henry before I thought this album was a bit predictable.

Not the most impressive release I have heard in my life, not the least impressive either. Perhaps we could describe it as around average, perhaps slightly over thanks to the songs feeling somewhat entertaining. I think especially the song about my neighbours to the left of me, Where the Dumbasses Roam is an entertaining highlight of the album. The songs are decent overall but not really standout material, solid heavy metal songs that are quite well produced.

Reasonably good I guess, those who like Henry Metal’s earlier works or just enjoy the regular heavy metal in general should probably find this album quite appealing although the lack of originality might be something of a setback. Henry Metal may be industrious but not particularly creative considering that the stuff I have listened to sounds quite similar, craftsman perhaps but not artist or creator.

You who are yearning for something creative or exciting get nothing from this album, it is not very original but it has some pubertal humour and that might be enough for some. But why not a real uncensored music video for 2 Chicks? That would have fitted the bar quite well I think. So if you find Henry Metal’s other works appealing check it out but if you don’t you will not miss a fantastic album, V is okay but not great.





Label: independent
Three similar bands: Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden/Metallica
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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