1. At The Coast
2. Urges
3. Last Gasp Shout
4. Mannequin
5. Smile
6. Wolves At The Door
7. Samsa
8. To Call And Let It Ring
9. Collider
10. Youth


Ed Fraser – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Breuer – Bass
Peter Voigtmann – Drums

Heads (2015)

Additional vocals and guitar noise on ‘Smile’ by Kevin Whitley.
Backing vocals on ‘Wolves At The Door’ by Emilie Zoé.
Backing vocals on ‘Last Gasp Shout’ by Jan Kerscher.
Juno, organ and mellotron on ‘Wolves At The Door’ by Peter Voigtmann. Additional guitar on ‘Last Gasp Shout’ and additional synth on ‘Wolves At The Door’ by Fabian Bremer.
Additional drums on ‘Youth’ and ‘To Call and Let It Ring’ by Luc Hess. Saxophone on ‘Youth’ by Paul Roth.

Recorded by Jan Kerscher in October 2017 at Ghost City Recordings, Röttenbach, Germany.
Mixed and Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
Assistant Engineering by Peter Voigtmann and Dennis Borger.
Graphic Design and Layout by Fabian Bremer.

Released 2018-04-06
Reviewed 2018-05-05

this charming man

Heads release album number two, their first album was released in 2015 and was praised by our reviewer so chances are that the new album Collider could be quite interesting as well. Again the artwork isn’t particularly exciting this time with a greyish look, but it is still quite illustrative of the musical style offered on this album. Good thing is that they keep it quite short this time as well; playing time is just over forty minutes, which feels kind of right for an album of this style. So what about Heads then, do they avoid that sophomore slump that they were looking to avoid?

Even-tempered, a bit greyish and sludgy in terms of style I would say. Post-rock, noise-rock, post-punk are descriptions that are used in the press sheet and they work quite well, restrained aggression is flowing through the tracks of the album. The variation over the tracks can be described as fairly good but always keeping within the parameters of the style they are offering so they don’t really think anything outside the box. The sound is really good and like the debut I find the atmospheres being rather excellent, I would describe this as a quality production with really strong sound and good vocals.

A good album and I think they avoid that sophomore slump that they might have worried about, but the new album is not as good as the previous. I think the first album had more exciting stuff, it was better in most regards – the atmospheres and production are probably at the same level but the songs are not as good. For one, this album lacks those standout tracks that made the debut album stand out. But I would describe this as disappointing and I find it to be quite good and a good testament to the fact that this band probably will keep delivering strong music in the future.

Debut was better but this one is a good one as well, I think that would have to be the conclusions of this review. This is an album to check out if you liked the debut album by these guys and if you like the genre they represent you should also have a look at it because chances are good that you will find this album to be quite enjoyable. So, they may have done better before but Collider is a good album that could be worth checking out.






Label: This Charming Man Records
Three similar bands: Alchemist
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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