Hawthorne Heights
Bad Frequencies

01. In Gloom
02. Pink Hearts
03. Crimson Sand
04. The Perfect Way To Fall Apart
05. Just Another Ghost
06. Bad Frequencies
07. Skylark
08. Edge Of Town
09. Starlighter (Echo, Utah)
10. Push Me Away
11. The Suicide Mile
12. Straight Down The Line
13. Pills

JT Woodruff – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, keyboards
Matt Ridenour – bass, backing vocals
Mark McMillon – lead guitar, unclean backing vocals
Chris "Poppy" Popadak – drums, percussion, backing vocals

The Silence in Black and White (2004)
If Only You Were Lonely (2006)
Fragile Future (2008)
Skeletons (2010)
Zero (2013)


Produced by Hawthorne Heights with Nick Ingram
Mixed by Cameron Webb

Released 2018-04-27
Reviewed 2018-11-27

pure noise

A while ago now this band called Hawthorne Heights released their new album Bad Frequencies, the question is if they are offering bad frequencies other than in the title of their sixth album. The first album was released in 2004 and they have enjoyed some successes as a band since the release of that debut album. So earlier this year they gave us this album with thirteen tracks, 42 minutes of playing time and it begins in gloom and ends with pills. Kind of like the regular life I suppose.

The music can probably be described with terms like EMO or post punk or punkish rock music, something like that. The energy is good, so is the vocalist and the production, they have a very good sound that makes them quite easy to like. The songs are all very catchy with pretty strong melodies, but the variation could have been better and perhaps the album could have been two or three tracks shorter to be a bit more dynamic and dramatic.

It is a good album; I like it, as it is catchy and pretty entertaining. The songs are pretty good and it is an album that is fairly easy to like from the first time you hear it. It is a very solid production and feels well engineered and everything, but it is not an album that stands out very much and in the end I think it is an album that will be pretty fast forgotten once you have stopped enjoying it after a few plays. I think it starts pretty tame but then it picks up the paste and it ends quite strongly and the last tracks are probably the best of the album.

So, my ending conclusion will have to be that you haven’t found any bad frequencies if you hear the songs of this album on the radio, perhaps you might even call them good frequencies. That means that we can call it a good album but not an outstanding one.






Label: Pure Noise Records
Three similar bands: Boston Manor/Safe To Say/Can't Swim
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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