Here it Comes

1. Here it comes
2. Turns to black
3. The beginning and the end of it all
4. Devil
5. I have seen
6. Paradise lost
7. Reptile
8. Lemmypsilon
9. The sword
10. Philosophy (instrumental)

Marco Kern – Vocals / Guitar
Rene Auer – Guitar
Dominik Eder – Bass
Matthias Mai – Drums

Dark and Cold (2011)
Passion of Dirt (2014)


Produced by Flemming Rasmussen and Garagedays
Master by Andy LaRocque
Cover art by Rene Koessler

Released 2018-06-29
Reviewed 2018-12-20



Here it Comes, for the third time an album from the band Garagedays. The Austrian heroes has gone into the garage again and put together their third album, and considering that I enjoyed their previous two I had to write something about this one as well – but is it as good? The cover goes in the same tradition but the bigger question is whether or not that youthful sense of raw and uncaring heavy rock/metal music remains now that the band are getting even older and four years after their latest effort that was praised by us.

Musically it isn’t that different, it is raw and heavy rock music with catchiness, distorted guitars, sore-throated vocals and whatever else a rough edged band shows in their music. Good energy. The production is strong and the sound is good, perhaps a little bit less rough than before. Perhaps they are also feeling a tad less spontaneous than before, it is somewhat more mature I think – perhaps they are getting older. The vocals are good though. The variation is quite okay as well, perhaps they are more dynamic with stronger parts of the softer variety that breaks well with a high tempo album. But the album is a bit long, over fifty minutes is not really necessary, you can say what you want in much less than that – good thing that they vary the album better than before.

I like this album; it is good and does what the previous albums did – but perhaps not as good. I think they did better albums prior to this one, those had more rough edges, this feels more worked on, less aggressive and more predictable. They do what they do well, there is no question about that, but this album is not as youthful, enthusiastic, energetic or exciting as their previous two albums – it feels more mature, like the band is getting old. Perhaps there are some grey hairs showing on the photo, or perhaps I am just imagining things, if I only let it play on loudly it is kind of the same as before – a bit less annoying for the neighbours perhaps.

So here comes the conclusion, and it says that I think this is a good album with good songs but it is not as good as the previous album. I think they have gotten a little bit older and that this might not be as good as what they did before but it is a pretty good album nevertheless and if you like what Garagedays have done before you should check this out.




Label: independent
Three similar bands: Metallica/Accept/Kreator
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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