From Ashes to New
The Future

01. Wake Up
02. Crazy
03. My Name
04. Gone Forever
05. Broken
06. Forgotten
07. Enemy
08. Nowhere To Run
09. Let Go
10. On My Own
11. The Future


Matt Brandyberry - vocals, programming, keys, rhythm guitar
Lance Dowdle - guitar
Danny Case - lead vcals
Mat Madiro - drums

From Ashes to New (EP 2013)
Downfall (EP 2015)
Day One (2016)


Recorded at Atrium Audio with producers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak
Mixed by Josh Wilbur

Released 2018-04-20
Reviewed 2018-04-25


eleven seven

From Ashes to New are looking towards the future with their new album called The Future. It is their second album and it sees a new vocalist and perhaps the future of the band considering how they claim that the band’s chemistry lies in the core of their music, which is said to expand to new areas widening their already wide musical palette. Of course it is always difficult to please with a new vocalist, there are always fans having issues with that kind of change, something that is also often noticeable in the music a band play. But this relatively new band has changed their line up quite a bit in their short existence that including this new album sees two albums and a pair of EPs so perhaps they have now risen from ashes into new, a new and exciting line up.

Analysing the band’s music will leave you struggling to put a short and simple label on it as it expands to a rather wide range of styles, but modern rock/metal might be a good starting point. They mix rap and hip-hop with rock and metal, heavy guitars, catchy choruses and a modern, fresh sound on this album called The Future. Rap and growls isn’t really my favourite vocal styles and this band doesn’t really change that opinion but the rap and growls works well on the album and adds variety. The Future is a quite varied album with quite a lot of depth; it is also sensible when it comes to playing time so it feels like an album that can be played several times over. A strong production with energy and power, and it is fresh comparable with bands like Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, Papa Roach and more without not really emulating any of them.

This is a really good album; it is well produced, fresh, interesting and exciting. The songs are really good all the way through the album and I don’t think there are any weaker track, there aren’t really any major weaknesses on the album overall. And the best tracks are really strong, songs that have you stop and take notice. The title track along with Crazy the video track are the two that stands out most for me in an album of potential standout tracks. And it is an album I can recommend to anyone who enjoys fresh and interesting music and I really like it.

Now, a good way to end this review is to claim that this is really strong modern rock/metal music with some nice touches and fresh perspective. I always like to listen to bands that offers albums that gives a feel of novelty, it may not be very different from other stuff but I think the band has very recognisable sound and one that feels very fresh and exciting. The Future is definitely an album well worth checking out; I think it is great.




Label: Better Noise / Eleven Seven
Three similar bands: Linkin Park/Hollywood Undead/Papa Roach

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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