Fractal Cypher
Prelude to an Impending Outcome

1. Coming Back To Life
2. The Grandeur Of It All
3. From The Above And To The Stars
4. Red Lady

Steven Cope - Drums
Tommy Fradette - Bass
Simon Lavoie - Vocals
Ludovick Daoust - Keyboards
Vincent Bruneau - Guitars

The Human Paradox (2016)


Recorded In 2018 At The Grid In Montreal (Canada)
By Christian Donaldson And Marc-Olivier Fréchette
Mix And Master By Christian Donaldson
Produced By Ludovick Daoust And Christian Donaldson
Artwork By Mikio Murakami from Silent Q Desing

Released 2018-11-08
Reviewed 2018-12-13


The band Fractal Cypher hails from Canada, and they have recently released their new mini-album Prelude to an Impending Outcome – an album that I have listen to a few times now. Cool artwork I think, and four tracks with little over a half hour playing time. Their first album was released in 2016 and like then they had this guy Donaldson helping with the production. So, how about it then? Is it an album worth checking out?

I guess the need for checking out depends on if you are into metal of the progressive kind or not. It is progressive metal, fairly conventional but also relatively fresh, pretty cool keys and good production. Decent vocalist is another thing I can say, they do many thing pretty good. Four tracks and a little bit over half an hour of playing time, the variation is pretty much okay and as they keep it short with a mini-album as they say, it is short and to the point. It feels like a dependable progressive metal album, inspired by the likes of Symphony X and Dream Theater, not particularly unique but probably fresh enough not to appear interesting when listening to it.

A good little album, good songs, good music, some good musical ideas, these guys has many things going for them. Perhaps they should think a little bit more outside the box, some fresh ideas would not have hurt. The album needs something that catches my undivided attention and I don’t think that any of the tracks really does that, some parts of the album does but not the entire thing or an entire track. The opening track is probably the best one and a good track, a good opening for a good album I guess we could claim.

If you enjoy the progressive metal stuff I would think that this is an album that could be worth checking out. Fairly enjoyable, a solid creation that might be enjoyed by many but won’t make too much of an impression in the history of progressive metal music. An album that I think can be described as giving a positive impression, and if you like progressive music you will probably like it.







Label: independent
Three similar bands: Symphony X/Dream Theater/Scar Symmetry
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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