Principle of Pain

1. Nadia (Last Year's Men)
2. Love In A Dark Time
3. Don't Pity The Young
4. The Rose And The Thorn
5. Autonoir
6. Gods In The Dark
7. Enduring Chill
8. Infinite Hunger For Love
9. Confusing World
10. The Soft Skin

R - vocals, guitars, bass guitar, synthesizers, programming

Always Hell (EP 2017)
Always Night (EP 2017)

Nick Thieneman - guitars, vocals
Shelley Anderson - bass guitar, vocals
Mother - drums
Janet Morgan
J. Robbins
Pete Moffett

Produced, engineered, and mixed by J.Robbins
Recorded and mixed at The Magpie Cage Baltimore, MD
During January, February, and July 2017
Assistant engineer Matt Redenbo
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Cover painting by Noelia Towers
Band photos by Amber Thieneman
Layout design by R

Released 2018-06-01
Reviewed 2018-06-15



Fotocrime returns and they do so with their first full-length release, last year we say their first two EPs Always Hell and Always Night. We reviewed the latter of those and figured that it was a good release that had a fair deal to offer, and now it is time for the new one that I think has a pretty good and interesting looking cover artwork. Mr R, also known as Ryan Patterson has made most of the album himself but has enlisted some help from a few friends, the end result is a ten-track album that I think might be quite appealing to quite a few people.

On the subject of music it can be described as Darkwave or post-punk, or something else in that kind of region. Pretty dark in terms of style, good vocals that are also in the darkish regions, and it is really well produced and I would call it pretty fresh and exciting. The variation is quite strong as well and combined with a well-weighted playing time it becomes an album that compels the listener to play it again – over and over. And it is easy to take to and to like, strong album in my view, a really solid production and in terms of style I think it is recognisable but also a little step up for Fotocrime. I think they have put together a really strong production here.

This is a really strong album on all accounts, the songs are really good and the sound is really well-crafted and fresh. Fotocrime hits the mark here, and I don’t think this album has any discernable weaknesses. I think that it is an album that will impress the existing fans but also probably win them some new ones as well, I know I like what I hear and have liked to play this album over and over again. It has both the quality and depth to be entertaining for repeated listening, and I think I can recommend all our readers to check out this very strong and entertaining album.

Of course this album comes highly recommended, and if I am to pick favourites among all the good tracks that makes the album it has to be the first track Nadia followed by the second track and then the third – the opening trio is the highlight of the album. It might be somewhat downhill from there but it is not by much and the conclusion will have to be that this debut full-length by Fotocrime is an excellent album – you should check it out.




Label: Golden Antenna Records
Three similar bands: Coliseum/Young Widows/Enter Shikari
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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