Final Hour

1.Soulless Wanderer
2. Future Fortune
3. Never Bow Down
4. Dark Spirit
5. Raven’s Call
6. The Ravens
7. Line Crossing
8. Soldiers Of Misfortune
9. Once You’ve Spilled
10. On The Line
11. Mirror Image
12. The Grand Imposters
13. The Final Hour

Jacob Jensen - Guitar & Vocals
Jesper Fleckner Gravholt - Guitar
Rasmus Christensen - Bass
Martin Haumann - Drums



Produced byFlemming Rasmussen
Mixed and mastered by Anthony Kalabrett

Released 2018-02-23
Reviewed 2018-03-06


I have to ask if this Danish band and their debut album would be the perfect company in the event that I would need to listen to something during the final hour of the world. It looks kind of dystopian this self titled debut album that probably also can be looked at as a bit dark and menacing. Not really an overly impressive artwork I think but at least it doesn’t look overly typical for a melodic death metal album, so at least on the visual they do offer some surprises but when it comes to the musical there isn’t much to surprise anybody.

Melodic death metal is what we are getting, pretty much according to the format. An album that presses all the right buttons and all those things, an album that should appeal to anyone into the melodic death metal genre but it is also an album without surprises. Vocals and style are what you can expect; the fact is that throughout the album we get more or less what we can expect from the first moment we listen to the album. But it is not only the predictability that is a problem, the album is also long and plays for a whole hour – perhaps that final hour that they mention in the title. But is it really an album that can be enjoyed during the final hour of this planet?

It is a pretty good album overall, fans of the genre should most likely find it to be an appealing album. I think it works quite well with decent songs, decent production and all. Perhaps the sound could have been a tad more dynamic and the album lacks a distinctive hit song that makes the listener want to return to the album over and over again. And I also think the playing time could have been shorter; I actually think that the album would have benefitted quite a bit from being a few songs shorter. Not that it is a poor album or anything; it just isn’t as dystopian or exciting as I was led to believe. I think fans of the melodic death metal genre should have a look at this album; the rest of us probably don’t need to bother too much.

So, while this album is a good melodic death metal album, it isn’t the album I would chose to listen to if I wanted something to play for the final hour of the world.




Label: Wargear Records
Three similar bands: In Flames/Trivium/Soilwork
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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