Final Breath
Of Death and Sin

1. Babylon C. E.
2. Yearning for Next Murder
3. Agonized, Zombiefied, Necrotized
4. Born Against
5. Immemorial Disease
6. Tear Me from My Dreams
7. ...When Finally Mighty Kings Fall
8. Illega-lie-sating
9. Chaos Unity
10. Annihilation

Thomas Wissel - Bass
Heiko Krumpholz - Drums
Jörg Breitenbach - Guitars
Patrick Gajda - Vocals

End of It All (EP 1997)
Flash-Burnt Crucifixes (2000)
Mind Explosion (2002)
Let Me Be Your Tank (2004)

Tobias Schönemann - Vocals (spoken word, track 10)
Aurelia Stock - Vocals (additional, track 1)

Megan Mushi - Cover art
Jörg Breitenbach - Producer, Recording (Guitars, Bass)
Tarek Maghary - Recording (Drums)
Markus Stock - Recording (Vocals)
Andreas Hofmann - Recording (additional)
Heiko Krumpholz - Producer, Layout
Peter Tägtgren - Mixing, Mastering
Jonas Kjellgren - Mastering
Christoph Weiss - Photography
Hanni Mayer - Layout

Released 2018-10-19
Reviewed 2018-10-27



For a long time one might have figured that Final Breath had taken its final breath, the band has been unheard on the album front since 2004 so most who knew them probably have forgotten them. And then all of a sudden this German quartet releases a new album, they have a new vocalist now and they are offering ten tracks that shed light on the seven deadly sins of today, or C.E. Common Era as the band calls it. The artwork is pretty cool and had me thinking of the ridiculous band called Ghost, but these guys are better. The artwork is really good I think.

I think the music is best described as thrash metal with elements from the death metal genre, high paced and high-energy songs with good groove and catchiness. Plenty of power and strong growly vocals are what we get, very nice sound and the mixing from acclaimed Peter Tägtgren might be one reason for this. Good variation over ten tracks and the playing time is kept very sensible, so there is no risk or feeling that the album is a bit long. But you might have a valid reservation in the fact that the album isn’t exactly original or innovative but it is a very strong production and most fans of the thrash or death metal genres fear originality anyway.

Nice looking and nice sounding album, I think it is a great album without major weaknesses, the originality thing is easy to overlook, as this is one of the better thrashy albums I have heard in a while. The songs are all really good, the sound and the vocals as well and I think the track called Immemorial Disease is the most memorable track of the ten I have played through plenty of times now. Fans of the thrash or death metal genres should like this album and chances are that thanks to catchy high quality songs it could appeal to a wide variety of metal fans. I think it is quite great.

Entertaining album that both looks and sounds good with strong thrashy and deathy metal songs. A great album and I dare to say that is the best album they have done in over a decade – how about that conclusion?




Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Sodom/Kreator/Slayer

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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