Fates Warning
Live Over Europe

CD 1:
1. From the Rooftops
2. Life in Still Water
3. One
4. Pale Fire
5. Seven Stars
6. SOS
7. Pieces of Me
8. Firefly
9. The Light and Shade of Things
10. Wish
11. Another Perfect Day
12. Silent Cries
13. And Yet it Moves
CD 2
1. Still Remains
2. Nothing Left to Say
3. Acquiescence
4. The Eleventh Hour
5. Point of View
6. Falling
7. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Pt. IX
8. Through Different Eyes
9. Monument
10. Eye to Eye

Ray Alder – Vocals
Jim Matheos – Guitars
Joey Vera – Bass and Vocals
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums
Mike Abdow – Guitars and Vocals

Night On Bröcken (1984)
The Spectre Within (1985)
Awaken The Guardian (1986)
No Exit (1988)
Perfect Symmetry (1989)
Parallels (1991)
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray (1997)
Disconnected (2000)
FWX (2004)
Darkness In A Different Light (2013)
Theories of Flight (2016)


Mixed by Jens Bogren
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios

Released 2018-06-29
Reviewed 2018-06-28



Let me now write a few hundred words about the latest effort by progressive metal legends Fates Warning who is releasing their first live album with today’s line up tomorrow. If you could follow that first sentence you might be able to follow the rest, this was album was recorded during their tour over Europe, hence the title. It was recorded at several different location which, if done well, is a good way to create a live album as you can remove pointless chatter and songs that were less well performed at some locations, take the best and put together the best possible live album. So because of that you understand that this is only a record, there is nor video recording of a whole show, which is a good way to do it. And it comes as a double CD or triple LP, you have to decide what you want if you are to buy, and I think you should.

I do not believe that Fates Warning really needs any introduction as they are one of the legends of the progressive metal genre and they have been around for quite a while already. The sounds is of course live but quite remnant of the style they had on the latest album Theories of Flight, I like the sounds as it works really well. The album is of course varied with songs from the massive catalogue that these guys have available to them, and they perform all the songs really well with a great powerful sound. And of course there are quite a few songs from the latest album Theories of Flight, which hardly comes as a surprise. Alder sings really well and I think the sound feels fresh and energetic, a really good live album sound I think. It is a rather impressive creation and it shows how good these guys are.

Versatile and wonderful, quite brilliant, this is a rather excellent live album with great songs, great performances and almost anything you can desire. Had it not been for that spacefaring Dutchman it would probably have ended up the best live album of the year. I find it most appealing and have really enjoyed playing through the album several times, and that despite a humongous playing time of close to 140 minutes. And while a long playing time might be seen as a negative, it often is bad with long albums, it isn’t in this case as I find myself wanting to play through the entire album despite the very long playing time. In fact, I don’t think this album has any weaknesses, it is a great document of a great band showing of their great skills, and so I wrote great four times in the same sentence – how about that?

Entertaining and quite great, an enjoyable album plain and simple – that is how I would like to conclude my waltzing over the keys for this album. All the songs are good but if I am to pick favourites I can’t help but singing along with Pale Fire from the InsideOut album and SOS from the latest album is another one that make me want to sing. Seven Stars and Through Different Eyes are two other songs that certainly make me listen a little bit extra. And it would be quite easy to end by writing that if you are a fan of the progressive metal and of Fates Warning you should really buy this album, it is as simple as that.




Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands:
Dream Theater/Queensrÿche/OSI
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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