Eternal Flight

1. Ante-dote
2. Poison
3. The Journey
4. Retrofuture
5. Nightmare King II
6. Machine God
7. Routine Of Darkness
8. Sinner
9. Danger Calling
10. Succubus
11. Labyrinth
12. Pandora's Box
13. Angels Of Violence

Gérard Fois - Lead Vocals
Jérôme Fischer - Guitars
Thibaud Ducrot - Guitars
Cédric Nguyen - Bass
Thibaud Pontet - Drums

2004 Positive Rage
2007 Under The Sign Of Will
2011 Diminished Reality Elegies And MysterieS (D.R.E.A.M.S)

John Macaluso - drums

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Gérard Fois at Morphoenix Studio
Cover artwork by Mirowshka and Gérard Fois

Released 2017-11-17
Reviewed 2018-02-06



Progressive Swiss/French band Eternal Flight returns with a new album about a half dozen years after their latest effort that was shortened into dreams. Now the come with a Retrofuture that has a pretty good-looking artwork and sure looks the part. The fourth album for Eternal Flight and it features an hour of music split into thirteen tracks, a bit one the long side I think but a solid effort nevertheless.

Roughly described as melodic progressive power metal they bring us a modern relatively complex album with a good production. The vocals are rather good, not the most impressive but the work well for this band. Overall I think this is a talented band, they show that they have some fresh ideas but perhaps they need to think a bit more outside the box. It feels a little bit predictable and perhaps also a bit safe, in the middle of the road I guess. And the album is a bit long; with a playing time of an hour they need to have a more dynamic sound and more depth to keep the listener interested for the entire playing time.

Overall I think that this is a good album, the songs are good and all. There are some elements that are really great, like parts of songs and that kind of thing but they don’t quite manage to pull off a really great song. It is really an album that has me thinking that it should have been better, that the band isn’t quite living up to their full potential here. I thought the sounded somewhere in the region of early Pagan’s Mind on the previous album while this one sounds a bit more common, better produced but has less imagination than its predecessor.

Got to say that this album falls somewhere slightly above average, it is good but not fantastic. Eternal Flight sure knows their melodies and have produced their recent album really well, but Retrofuture has a bit too much of everything and unfortunately that prevents it from really reaching the highest musical levels. And I think it will be safe to end this review with the conclusion that Eternal Flights new album never really takes flight.






Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Angra/Shaman/Savatage

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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