Entering Polaris

01. Nostalgia for Infinity
02. Flightless
03. It's a Good Day for Burning Witches
04. Godspeed
05. Clear Skies
06. A Song of Distant Earth
07. Paradise Reclaimed
08. The Field of Ghosts
09. The Long Run

Vincent Van Kerckhove - Drums
Tom Tee - Guitars


Gregg Rossetti - Sax solo (track 2)
Björn Strid - Vocals (track 1)
Thomas Vikström - Vocals (tr. 3, 4, 7, 9)
Georg Neuhauser - Vocals (track 7)
Fabio Lione - Vocals (track 8, 9)
Arno Menses - Vocals (track 8, 9)
Lance King - Vocals (track 5, 6, 9)
Henrik Fevre - Vocals (track 1, 2, 9)
Audrey Dandeville - Vocals (track 7)
Sindre Nedland - Vocals (track 7)
Joris Van Daele - Guitar solo (track 7)
Dario Frodo - Guitar solo (track 9)

Mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni

Released 2018-06-08
Reviewed 2018-07-07

freya records

Tom Tee, the man behind the Entering Polaris moniker is many with many things going, he is in several bands and now he’s not just one but two solo projects. Entering Polaris is the first and is describes a progressive power metal project and later In Motion that is more akin to the melodic death/thrash metal style. Godseed is what the debut album is called and it features several singers known from a variety of bands, like Soilwork, Therion, Pyramaze, Angra to name a few of them. And on top of having a pretty decent cast the album also has a really nice artwork, although they could have a worked a bit more on the logo. Then lets move on to the music, the progressive power metal that we get to hear.

Think bands like Pyramaze, Anubis Gate, kind of Scandinavian progressive stuff, but perhaps you can imagine the Italians as well with Mularoni handling the knobs and that stuff. We get nine tracks and a bit over 45 minutes of music that shows good variation, good production, good vocals, an overall good creation. Not a very original creation though as it sounds very familiar all the way through and there are no real surprises. Kind of feels as though it is played a little bit safe, like Mr Tee doesn’t dare to move outside the box. It is progressive power metal according to the format, nothing that really stands out compared with most stuff we hear in this genre.

The album is good, I have to point that out before voicing some reservations, but I find it to be a good album as it presses all the right buttons for this style of music. But while it is good and likeable, it doesn’t really stand out from other music in a similar style and the big risk is that they will drown in a big stream of bands in the same genre – and there are several bands that are both better and more creatively exciting than Entering Polaris. But potential buyers will probably not be too disappointed with what they get to hear because even though it may not be too exciting or fantastic, it is still a good and very well made album. But I do think that Tee might be better of doing a bit less, going more for quality rather than quantity.

To end this review I can write that I think the seventh track is the best and that the album begins a bit more promising than the album finally delivers. And the summary has to be that this is a good album to listen to but I don’t think that it is a very memorable album, fans of the genre should check it out but I am not so sure that it is an album for the general metal fan who might already have gotten the latest by Pyramaze or Eldritch because those along with a few others are more interesting than Entering Polaris. I end this review by concluding that there are more exciting stuff in the genre but Godseed is still a good album.







Label: Freya Records
Three similar bands: Pyramaze/Anubis Gate/Angra
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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