Dion Bayman
Batter Days

1. Ready For The Real Thing
2. Rise And Fall
3. Better Days
4. The Best Times Of My Life
5. Leap Of Faith
6. Fallin' For You
7. Pieces
8. Out Of Mind Out Of Sight
9. Cold
10. If I Could

Dion Bayman

Smoke and Mirrors (2013)
Afterburn (2014)
Don't Look Down (2016)


Produced, arranged, mixed & mastered by Dion Bayman
Graphics & design by Aeglos Art

Released 2018-09-21
Reviewed 2018-10-02


art of melody

Bayman thinks he has better days in terms of his creation of music, his fourth album Better Days looks quite cool I think. And it is according to Bayman himself it is the best sounding album he has produced, which could be interesting for those who knows his earlier works and knows how well they sound. He also says that he is very proud of the album so that could be interesting, but only if it is an album to be proud of and in the melodic rock genre it is very often the case that albums lack creative vision and fresh ideas. So what about this album then?

Stylewise it isn’t a particularly interesting album; it is radio friendly melodic rock music with catchy choruses and strong melodies. Bayman plays all the instruments and sings himself and does it well enough, he also produces and all of that and I think he does that well – the album sounds good and has fine modern feel to it. The songs are easily accessible and easy to like with catchy songs that should go down well with a wide audience. Good thing is also that the album is kept short on ten tracks that show the usual variation for an album within this style of music. It is an album without surprises I would say, but a really well made one.

I like this album, the songs are all really good and I think none of them can be said to be weak, although some are better than the others. I think that The Best Times of My Life and Pieces are two excellent tracks on an album with really good tracks. The weakness of the album is clearly its lack of originality, but when an album has this strong songs the originality becomes less important even though it will probably mean that it will never become a classic – but what do I know? I do know that if you like radio-friendly and catchy rock music you will probably enjoy this album.

This is a highly recommended album, enjoyable to listen to and easy to like. Bayman has certainly put together a really strong album here and for the sake of research I might have to check out his earlier works to see if he is correct about the best sounding album he has made and if this is better days for Bayman and his music, but that will have to be when I have the time. It is an album I probably will play every now and then in the future as well, and if you like the melodic rock music it is an album well worth checking out.








Label: Art Of Melody Music
Three similar bands: Bon Jovi/Richard Marx/Bryan Adams
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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