Coming in Hot

1.Coming in Hot
2. Sound of Us
3. Had Enough
4. Fight Like a Girl (F.L.A.G.)
5. I’m Sorry
6. Haunted
7. Sleepwalking
8. Bulletproof
9. Kind of Love
10. Black Heart
11. Crazy on You
12. Definitely Not in Love
13. War Cry
14. Lo Siento





Released 2018-06-15
Reviewed 2018-08-18

eleven seven

Rocking blue haired babe comes in hot with her debut album called Coming in Hot, it has fourteen radio-friendly songs with strong hit. And she is quite hot amongst music fans already as her videos has gotten millions of views on the tube thing on the interweb. So she is quite popular it seems but popularity doesn’t really mean much as there are millions of people who lack both taste and intelligence, so is it tasteless morons or sensible music fans that keeps playing her videos? Well, you’d better read on if you like to know… if I let you know that is.

On the subject of style I guess there is not much needed to say, catchy hardrock akin to the style of classics like Pat Benatar or Joan Jett who most likely have been inspirational to the girl. Radio-friendly stuff that will feel immensely familiar to anyone hearing it, and the only one thinking that this is a fresh or creative album is the one who has never heard a rock album before this one. But she sings really well and the album has good energy and the sound is very strong, it is an easy album to like even though it is predictable and has the normal variety of songs for an album of this style.

Creatively it may not really impress but it is quite likeable and you take to it from the first listen. The title track is really coming in hot and so does several of the other songs as well and I can sit here hoping that this is the kind of music to be played on the radio whenever I hear it instead of the crap that is played over the radiowaves. Problem with albums that is instantly catchy and instantly likeable is that they are almost as fast to grow tired with and this is an album like that, after a few plays it looses very much of its appeal and in the end I can almost think that it is a bit boring.

Killer title track though, that one I have enjoyed throughout while most of the other songs feels like songs I don’t really want to play again. So I guess you could say that this blue-haired lady has made a pretty good album but not an album you want to play too often. And I guess that those who view the videos are both morons and sensible music fans, I think most people like this kind of music on some level.






Label: Eleven Seven
Three similar bands: Joan Jett/Halestorm/The Pretty Reckless
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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