Diabolos Dust
The Reaper Returns

1. The Reaper Returns
2. Roll Your Dice
3. Sanity
4. Fall Of The Gods
5. Blood And Fire
6. Dust
7. Warmachine
8. Hold On The Flame

Peter Lohwasser - Vocals
Steve Peyerl - Guitar/Vocals
Anton Lini - Guitar/Vocals
Manfred Seitz - Bass
Stefan Fesser - Drums

2011 Ruins Of Mankind
2013 Inferno


Produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Peyerl at SP Studio
Cover artwork by Tari József

Released 2018-08-24
Reviewed 2018-10-15



I noticed a funny thing when I started writing for this review, it is exactly seven years since I last wrote about this band when I wrote about their debut album on October 15 in 2011. This new album has a pretty cool artwork and it signifies that George has returned to claim some bodies, or something. It is the third release by these guys the latest was released in 2013 and seven years ago we figured that the debut album was a good debut but perhaps not the most exciting release ever. It had a reaper on the cover just like this one, so what about the music? Have they evolved since then, and are they better?

Musically it is heavy or thrash metal, or heavy thrash metal, or thrashy heavy metal are ways to describe this album. It kind of sounds like I remember the first album sounding, I have not really compared them but the sensation is that they sounds similar. The singer is new though. There are eight tracks on the album and they don’t really offer much in terms of fresh ideas or creative thinking, the press sheet mentions many bands when writing about the inspirations for the songs of the album. Maiden, Judas Priest, Testament, Carcass and more are mentioned in tandem with the eight tracks that doesn’t really offer much variation despite all the names mentioned with them. Good then that they keep the album short with a 37-minute playing time.

Pretty ordinary and pretty tame album, there is nothing really fetching about it and there are no songs that really stand out from a positive or a negative standpoint. I am not really sure that it is as good as the debut was; at least it feels less interesting than the debut. Perhaps it may appeal to those who have enjoyed the band’s earlier works or who likes the similar bands or other bands similar to the similar bands but I doubt that it is an album that will work too well in gaining mainstream fame, not because it is strangely different but because it isn’t exciting and different enough.

On the subject of concluding this very difficult text to write, I find that the only conclusion is that this return of the reaper isn’t a very enjoyable one. It is not bad, quite okay but I forget it almost before it ends and find myself not really listening even when I play the album, that is usually a sign of an album that fails to excite. The end!




Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Destruction/Vendetta/Assassin
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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