Hades Rising

01. In Hell
02. Dance of the Dead
03. King in Yellow
04. Stronger Than God
05. Death Takes Us All
06. Morningstar
07. Down To His Kingdom Below
08. Metatron
09. Bane of Creation
10. All That Remains
11. Hades Rising


Martin Runnzell - Vocals
Ronnie Björnström - Guitars
Ludvig Johansson - Lead Guitars
Patrik Wall - Bass
Jon Skäre - Drums

Extinct (2016)


Artwork by Mika Rudin

Released 2018-05-11
Reviewed 2018-06-18


black lion

Hades Rising is the second album by the Swedish thrash metal band Defiatory, the first was released in 2016. The cover art looks kind of thrash metallic, as does the logo – kind of telling cover. And inside that cover looms eleven songs with metallic names, I would describe it as an album that doesn’t really offer any surprises. It is an album that feels very much targeted at the thrash metal audience and none other than them.

Extensive evaluations to decide that this is a classically styled thrash metal album isn’t really needed, it has that kind of vocals and that kind of powerful sound – yet with a melodic touch. It also has some influences of the Bay Area style of thrash metal so it is classic yet with a modern sense I would say. Good sound, and I think the vocals are quite good for the genre as well or at least they fit this album very well. I would however describe the album as being a little bit on the long side; I believe they would have improved the overall sense of quality by removing one or two tracks. With that said you might be able to figure out that I think the album isn’t so very varied, hence the sense of the 48 minutes being too much.

Lets not get too much bugged down by that though, the album is good despite not being very original and being a bit too long. The songs work quite well and it is a good album to listen to, I kind of like it even though I think it misses a standout track. A defining track or something like that would have been much needed in order to make the album stand out a little bit more. Perhaps they play it a bit more safe and follows the rules of the trade, they feel a bit more like craftsmen than artists in my view. Thrash metal fans will most likely enjoy this album quite a lot.

Lastly I have to say that this album is a nice one to listen to, I kind of like it. It doesn’t shine or stand out much but it is a solid piece of work that plays to what is good about the genre without loosing the direction. But even though I like it I have to say that I think they should have dared a little more, thought a little more outside the box and they should have brought some surprises because while it is a good album it is also a predictable one. So if you like thrash metal and dislike surprises it could be a good choice to look at Hades Rising.






Label: Black Lion Records
Three similar bands: Testament/Sepultura/Megadeth

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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