Dead Man's Eyes
Words of Prey

1. Radiant Smile
2. Dive
3. Be Good
4. What Are Your Waiting For
5. This Old Place
6. This Old Interlude
7. Two Dozen Eyes
8. Robot Sophia
9. Fire On My Own

Peter Engel - guitar, vocals
Simon Reichelt - guitar
Geir Johansen - drums
Simon Mead - bass, vocals
Nima Davari - guitar/lap steel

Meet Me In The Desert (2013)


Mixed and recorded by Nima Davari at Deutz Studios, Cologne
Mastered at Mastering Ranch
Artwork & Layout by Bennett Evergreen

Released 2018-06-22
Reviewed 2018-07-03


Dead Man’s Eyes might be doing play on words for the title of their new album about predatory words, fun title and relatively fun artwork as well. The question that arose for me before really taking on this CD that I reviewed was if the predatory words were eating the dead man’s eyes or if we were seeing a distorted world through them, a world where birds were words and the famous office programme was called Bird instead. It might be those pills that make the head turn a bit weird that bring on such ideas, or something. From what I read in the press material it appears that it must have been hellish to create this album, the band I said to have locked themselves into a windowless room for two years and lived only on coffee and their own hair. If that really was the pain they went through, I couldn’t say that the resulting album is worth it.

Entertaining the thought about how to label this record am I, in Yoda mode am I as well – apparently. It can be described like psychedelic rock music, or alternative rock, or indie rock, I think all those are appropriate descriptions. They move into Jazz styles and many other things from time to time, an album that probably can be described with many words; unfortunately I don’t have enough as some has been eaten by words of prey. Good variation over the songs on the album, the singer is good and varied as well – fits well into the music. I also think that the production is good and relatively modern yet with a familiarity to it, and it is kept short and that is always something positive.

After listening over and over for many journeys, I have to claim that my overall feeling towards this album is a positive one. I like how it sounds; I think it is a fairly enjoyable album. Sure it is not the most outstanding album I have ever heard in my life but it certainly works and the weaknesses are far fewer than the strengths. The main weakness is probably a lack of tempo, making the album feel quite a but slow at times. The best part is the fifth track called This old Place, which is a song that I really enjoy and it is the one part of this album that really makes me listen, the rest feels like good background music and not really something I would just sit down and listen to.

Dead Man’s Eyes has put together a fine album here, I like it and it is quite brilliant in its best moments. I think that many will find this a rather appealing album, as it is quite easy to take to and to like. Good stuff and solid stuff, I think that they have succeeded quite well with this album even though it probably won’t be on any of my top ten lists over 2018. Solid effort is what I write as a final conclusion to this text.





Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands:
Tame Impala/Band of Skulls/The Datsuns
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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