Days of Jupiter

1. Swallow
2. We All Die Young
3. I Am Fuel
4. Why
5. Panoptical
6. Black Hole
7. Sons Of War
8. The End Will Begin Again
9. Edge Of Everything
10. Shallow Side
11. Nine Tons Of Lies
12. Thieves And Legend

Janne Hilli- Vocals
Johnny Grenwald – Guitars
Marcus Lindman – Guitars
Janne Karlsson – Bass
Magnus Larsson – Drums

Secrets Brought To Life (2012)
Only Ashes Remain (2015)
New Awakening (2017)


Recorded at Leon Studios with Rikard Löfgren

Released 2018-10-26
Reviewed 2018-11-15


Panoptical is the new offering by Swedish band Days of Jupiter and it has a better-looking artwork than last year’s predecessor. Said predecessor has been well received by this webzine’s reviewer and there were some expectations for this one as well even though this reviewer knows that it is best to not have expectations as those generally just lead to disappointments. So it is safer to not have any expectations. But I did like the predecessor so at least there is a chance to like this one as well; especially since the press material claims that it is their most impressive yet. How about that?

They aren’t exactly changing their approach and those who have heard the band before will recognise their hardrock style with good energy and catchy choruses. It is kind of the same as their previous album; so don’t expect any surprises in the creative and the sound department. Like the previous album the production is good, shows some energy and heaviness and it is quite catchy. Perhaps the album is a little bit long, I think they could have lost one or two tracks even though this isn’t a major problem for the feel of the album. Perhaps the production and sound is their most impressive yet, but I am not sure I can say the same for the songs.

This is a good album, and the band’s fans will certainly both recognise their heroes and enjoy their new album. The songs are all good and I don’t see any major flaws, or perhaps now flaws at all. But I don’t think that this album is as good as its predecessor, perhaps because it lacks that magical hit songs, perhaps it is just that this album is slightly less impressive than its predecessor in most ways. But they press all the right buttons and the album is quite enjoyable to listen to despite the fact that they did a better album last year – I like this album.

I conclude that this is a good album, the band will almost certainly not disappoint their fans who will enjoy the familiar and energetic, catchy hardrock that are on offer on the album called Panoptical. Good stuff, good album, and the only thing I really need to point out is that if you like what the band has done in the past, you will like this album as well. So, the answer is no, it isn’t their most impressive album yet, but it is fairly impressive nonetheless.






Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Spiritual Beggars/Sparzanza/Mustasch

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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