Damnation Defaced
Invader From Beyond

1. NIOM: 004D004F0049004E
2. Goddess Of Machines
3. Invader From Beyond
4. Mark Of Cain
5. The Observer
6. The Key To Your Voice
7. Rendezvous With Destiny
8. All Comes To Its End
9. Back From Apathy
10. Creator's Fall
11. Embraced By Infinity

Philipp Bischoff - Vocals
Lutz Gudehus - Guitars
Lutz Neemann - Guitars
Kim-Patrick Friedrichs - Bass
Lucas Katzmann - Drums

Resurrection Stillborn - The Blackest Halo (EP 2009)
Beyond the Pale (2010)
Slaughter Race (EP 2012)
The Infernal Tremor (2015)

David Hambach - synths
Dan Swanö - add. keyboards

Recorded by Hannes Huke at Institut für Wohlklangforschung, Hannover, Ger
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB Studio
Artwork by Juanjo Castellano

Released 2017-10-06
Reviewed 2018-01-05


Death metal with sci-fi theme, that is a simple way to describe what is being offered by Damnation Defaced on their third album Invader From Beyond. What strikes me about the album is that the band has a very dull logotype; the artwork is pretty cool and could be described as relatively exciting. The colour scheme is quite good as well, except for the red colour on the logo.

Powerful death metal with a strong melodic drive, not quite the modern melodic death metal as it is more brutal than that. Strong and powerful production with rather brutal and aggressive vocals, and we get a decent variation throughout the album. The lyrical theme is centred around sci-fi adventures with a central theme through the album but also with songs that stands strong on their own. And the album isn’t too long either with a sensible playing time, the quintet has simple put together a well thought out and well performed album.

Invader From Beyond is a very good album; it has depth and strength, simply one of the best death metal albums from last year. I have enjoyed listening to the great music and the great songs where perhaps the most memorable song has to be the catchy Mark of Cain that sticks in the mind with good melodies and catchy choruses. And they do it well when they combine their brute force with strong melodies and fascinating sci-fi adventures.

More than that isn’t really necessary to write about this album, it come highly recommended by Hallowed. And I think Damnation Defaced is a name worth remembering and the album Invader From Beyond is a very good way to start knowing this band. I think you should check it out!




Label: Apostasy Records
Three similar bands: Hypocrisy/Kataklysm/Amon Amarth
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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