Musique Actuelle

1. Géographie
2. Éducation civique
3. EPS
4. Histoire
5. Franssais
6. Philosophie
7. Récréation




Mixed by Jochenm Smaal
Mastered by Lucien Dallaglio

Released 2018
Reviewed 2018-03-25


Çub is a collaboration between math rockers Ça and deep dub electrified artist Submarine FM and the result is a math rocking electronic party music. It is an album with a pretty amusing and clever cover art, deliberately looking amateurish one might imagine. The album is called Musique Actuelle or perhaps Éducation Civique as it is named in the press material, and it is also a clever thing, quite creative and imaginative I think. It is a clever mix of the two making up this collaboration.

Really creative stuff I think, it is an interesting mixture of style, quite varied. The production is okay but not really that fantastic, but it is short and I doubt you will grow that tired of it before it ends. It is an interesting combination of the Ça styled math rock and the electronics of Submarine FM, a senseless mixture one might claim – at least the press material does. But perhaps they go down a bit too many routes and does whatever comes to mind, it can be a bit fragmented at times but as a musical artwork I guess it has merit.

At least they do not try to sound like anything else or make music to a certain format, which is always a positive in my book. I also find their music to be interesting, and it is creative. I think we can describe this collaboration as quite artistic and as I wrote it works well as a work of musical art but perhaps not as good as an album one wants to listen to. I find the songs to be a bit here and there and not always coherent, they have some really great and exciting parts and other parts that are less great and in the end I find myself growing quite tired with the album quite quickly.

Possibly it is an album that will appeal to those enjoying Ça and Submarine FM, but I doubt that it will any wider appeal. It is kind of a musical curiosity that one plays once and then discard to never play again. I am impressed by their creativity but not really impressed by the album in general. It is one of those albums that will end up on the pile of albums that will not be played again; I think that one can overlook Musique Actuelle in good conscience.





Label: Atypeek Music/L’Affect/La Police du Bon Goût
Three similar bands: Ça/Submarine FM/Anthurus d'Archer
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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