Crystal Tears
Decadence Deluxe

1. Evil Vs. Evil
2. Blindead
3. Heart Of A Lion
4. Where Angels Die
5. Death Haunts Forever
6. My Own Hell
7. Bleeding Me
8. Chaos Thy Name
9. Sick Of It All
10. Dear Insanity
11. Tears For The Dead
12. I’m 18 (bonus track)
13. Tie Your Mother Down (bonus track)

Søren Adamsen - vocals
Kostas Sotos - guitars
Máté Nagy - guitars
Alex Chamalides - bass
Chrisafis Tantanozis - drums

Choirs of Immortal (2006)
Generation X (2010)
Hellmade (2014)

Ryan Roxie - Guitars (tracks 6, 12, 13)
Julien "Nutz" Deyres - Vocals (track 6)
Fidel de Jesus - Guitars(track 9)
Karisk - Guitars (track 9)

Produced by R.D. Lipakis
Artwork by Caio Caldas

Released 2018-05-18
Reviewed 2018-05-26


pride& joy

Tears and decadence in deluxe form, is the new album from the band Crystal Tears. And what struck me first about this new album by these tears is that it is the second album with deluxe in the title which might indicate that 2018 is the deluxiest year in a long time. Though one cannot really say that it is too much of a deluxe release in sense of what you get, it is only on CD, no vinyl etc. And I would claim that the music is heavy metal in its deluxe form either, it isn’t exactly what I would call adventurous but it will most likely go down well with genre fans.

Energetic heavy or power metal is how I would describe this album in short. The tracks are mostly high paced and catchy in character with good energy and that sort of thing, especially the vocalist has a great and energetic vocal style. And besides a good vocalist they also have a strong sound going for them, the high-energy style makes the paying time feel short despite being quite near fifty minutes, which is usually a bit long. They could have skipped the ending track though, a live track that doesn’t really add much to the general feel of the album.

An album that creatively doesn’t do very much, it doesn’t stand out from a creative viewpoint but offers fairly standard heavy metal, albeit with a Lipakis feel to it in terms of the sound. But while it may not stand out or be particularly memorable, it is still a solid and good album. It is fairly enjoyable to listen to it, and I would claim that it besides being fairly ordinary in still has no weaknesses – it is a good album plain and simple. I think that fans of the heavy metal genre and the band’s previous albums will find this album most agreeable and entertaining.

So, the conclusion will have to be that it is a good album and it is recommended for fans of the heavy/power metal genre, if you like the similar bands and bands like Mystic Prophecy and their peers you will probably like this one. It is well made, but in the end it is not very memorable and when the best song is a cover it is a little bit difficult to be overly impressed. They do what they do well and it may not feel very deluxe or decadent but it is good and the energy they show is quite infectious. Good stuff.






Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Helloween/Burning Point/Human Fortress
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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