Cryonic Temple

1. Intro: The Morning After the Longest Day
2. Rise Eternally Beyond
3. Through the Storm
4. Knights of the Sky
5. Deliverance
6. Loneliest Man in Space
7. Pain and Pleasure
8. Temple of Cryonics
9. Starchild
10. End of Days
11. Swansong of the Last Emperor
12. Under Attack
13. Blood and Shame
14. Insommnia (Digipack Bonus Track)

Mattias Lilja – Vocals, Piano
Markus Grundström – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Esa Ahonen – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Roland Westbom – Bass, Backing Vocals
Micke Dahlkvist – Drumss

Chapter I (2002)
Blood, Guts & Glory (2003)
In Thy Power (2005)
Immortal (2008)
Into the Glorious Battle (2017)


Produced by Pelle Saether
Cover artwork by Federico Mondelli

Released 2018-07-20
Reviewed 2018-08-20

scarlet records

Today we pay a visit to the cryonic temple in Dalarna, Sweden. The new effort follows just a year after their return to glory that followed a long hiatus. And this new album certainly looks good, way better than the predecessor. So from the look of it one might guess that this is a rather good album, but I have not ever been particularly impressed with what Cryonic Temple has made and last year’s effort was rather boring I think.

It cannot really be described as a particularly exciting album from a creative standpoint. It is power metal and the production isn’t particularly impressive in my opinion, pretty lame sound. But the songs are more catchy and the vocalist is better than he was on the previous album, I also think the songs have better depth. But the album is long, well over an hour of playing time split on fourteen songs and to be honest I think they could have done away with the last four as the album kind of looses my attention the further it goes.

Good album, a bit long and a bit poorly produced but power metallic and catchy which makes it a good album to listen to. I like it and I think that those who liked the previous album will find it quite appealing. But when doing research I also noticed that it is an album that divides the internet reviewers where some hate it and others really likes it – I think it is somewhere in the middle. Good songs and so on but it would have been better had it been shorted and better produced.

And to end it all I can conclude that it is a pretty good power metal album. It is not very exciting from a creative standpoint but it plays well on the strengths of the band and I think it will work for many people. It is an album that I think will be worth checking out for those who like power metal, those who likes Swedish power metal and most of all it is a step forward compared with the previous album.





Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Hammerfall/Iron Fire/Helloween
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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