1. Your Life. Our Future
2. Of Stars Reborn
3. Satellite
4. Helios
5. Retrograde
6. Revenants
7. Ascension
8. Sunlight
9. Sacrifices Made
10. The Chase - In Hiding pt. 1
11. Spearhead

Tomi Toivonen - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ville Vistbacka - drums

Neptune (2015)

Chris Amott - guitar solo
Elena Cor Tauri - vocals
Ilkka Ferm - saxophone
Peter Huss - guitar solo
Sebastian Jensen - vocals
Nikke Kuki - vocals


Released 2017-12-11
Reviewed 2018-01-12


snow wave records

Coraxo returns with their second album, one they call Sol. Behind the Coraxo moniker hides a Finnish duo who started out in 2014 and who released their debut album Neptune the year after. Sol is an album you would like to buy just because it looks so good, the cover artwork. I may buy the vinyl just for the look of it. The fact that they tell a sci-fi story and uses seventies electronics and lots of cool synths makes an even stronger case for the band and their new Sol album.

Right from the starting intro you can hear that this band has some fresh ideas for their sound. But despite synths and avant-garde ideas along with some sci-fi soundtracks things and seventies electronica it sounds rather typical in nature for a melodic death metal album. The fresh ideas they have doesn’t quite translate into a very fresh sounding album, the vocalist is growling in a rather typical fashion and the only times the vocals turns interesting is when there are some female guest vocals. There is not much variation over the album, the eleven tracks and 43 minutes of music feels quite long and the sensation is that it is a rather long and uneventful album.

After hearing this album several times the only thing that really stand out for me is the intro and a nice soundscape. I think it is a shame that this very nice soundscape is ruined by rather weak songs, I find them to be quite boring and nothing really happens throughout the album. After the intro there are ten tracks that just skip by without leaving any impression and most of the time when I listen to this album I just wait for it to end. It is more or less a 43-minute wait for the album to end.

Poor song-writing, fresh ideas wasted – that is my lasting impression. I wanted this to be good because I would really like to own a vinyl version of this album because it looks so very good, but I don’t know if it is worth it. I just don’t think this album shines very bright, it is rather boring and I think we can do just as well without it.





Label: Snow Wave Records
Three similar bands: Soilwork/Dark Tranquillity/In Flames
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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