A Hot Take on a Heartbreak

1. Don't Know How To Act
2. Care At All
3. Worn Out This Week
4. Feelin' Low
5. Give Up
6. Woke Up With A Heart Attack
7. Piece Of Shit
8. Cut It Out
9. Difficult Conversation
10. Feel This Way


Alex Moses - Guitar/Vocals
Ben Paynter - bass/vocals
Daniel Seymour - Drums

Sad Songs and Sing-Alongs (EP 2013)
Home Remedy (EP 2015)
Spring Forever (2016)


Recorded with Joel Quartermain

Released 2018-05-25
Reviewed 2018-08-02



Piloting the streams of the ever flowing and ever growing waters of rock music is difficult and perhaps you need to be a captain with some bravery to get there, perhaps like Christopher Columbus. But the Columbus moniker does not just hold the famous explorer credited for finding America, it is also an Australian trio who recently put out their second album into this stream of albums. They are said to have started in the more punkish and raw vein of the rock music and now for their second album they are looking to dump the punk from the genre descriptions of their music. It seems to be a move that has led many of the reviewers I researched ahead of writing this review to be quite negative or indifferent to what they have put out and I can’t say that I disagree with that. I think it is an album that fits well in the middle of the scale.

Under the rock genre there are many different subgenres and this one probably falls under the commercial rock genre, radio friendly punkish rock music in the style of the likes of Weezer and those similar to them. A Hot Take on a Heartbreak is well produced and easy to take to, radio friendly rock music is what it is. Not particularly unique and it is difficult to shake the feeling that you have heard it all before, even the first time you hear the album. The vocals are decent and the album is kept short and to the point, the variation is what you can expect from an album in this style.

Not really the most impressive album I have ever heard, but neither the worst I have heard. I find A Hot Take on a Heartbreak to be a fairly enjoyable for a while but I also grow tired of it fairly quickly. It feels like it is an album you cannot dislike bit it is also way too anonymous to stand out from the many other albums that has been done in the same style. So they do what they do really well, but it just isn’t exciting enough to stand out in the massive competition that exists within the rock music genre.

Killer albums mostly does something different, something that makes them stand out from the many other good albums that exist in the world of music. This seems to be something that has gone amiss for these Australian guys who’s recent album will have been forgotten by 100% of the world’s population long before they release their next song, EP, or album. Therefore I have now concluded that the middle of our scale is the right rating for this album, it is good but doesn’t do enough to be remembered.





Label: UNFD
Three similar bands: Weezer/The All-American Rejects/Silverchair

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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