The Clouds Will Clear
Recollection of What Never Was

1. In Cycles
2. Recollection
3. Before The Tempest
4. Attack Warning
5. Deep Sea Mining

Angelo - Guitars, Synths, Samples
Tobias - Guitars, Synths
Andreas - Bass
Gerold - Drums, Visuals



Written, performed and recorded by The Clouds Will Clear.
'Attack Warning' originally written by Cycles Within Cycles.
Drums recorded by Reinhard 'Bux' Brunner at ATS-Records, Austria
Mixed and mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio B, Germany
Cover Photos and Layout by Oli Hummel

Released 2018-09-21
Reviewed 2018-09-24


The Clouds Will Clear, that is what this German quartet says and calls itself. It is a good name I think, a hopeful name – the bad weather will turn better in time. They offer a recollection of something that never was with their first album that will of course be a recollection of the good music they made, or something like that. The cover has a wolf on it, and the logo is a bit uninteresting. The quartet was founded in 2013 and has an EP to their name before this debut album that comes in both CD and LP for the one looking for physical releases. And it could be worth getting.

Cloudy post-rock with cinematic stylings and melancholic sensations, a musical adventure in five chapters, five instrumental chapters. There is one track with spoken parts, a message of an attack warning, quite an interesting concept having music played to a message of an attack. The five tracks have a rather short playing time and good variation; it also has good depth and a strong feeling of adventure. Relatively fresh sound can also be added to the description of this album, quality production.

Well-made and really good album has to be the impression I have from playing through this album quite a few times now. The songs are really good, all five of them where none stand out as a clear favourite but Attach Warning certainly stands out from being a bit different. I don’t think the album has any weaknesses, and it will probably appeal to most people that hear it. Perhaps you can claim that it is a tad short and they could have added one more track or so, but it is no major thing. It has no hit songs but is build as a full unit instead where the tracks seems to tell a story. Which story it tells probably depends on your mood, I was just now thinking of a sci-fi story where a space faring society cones to enslave a race in order to use them for deep-sea mining – but this story might be different tomorrow.

Clearly I have this positive recollection of this thing that was, it is a really strong album and a great musical adventure – it is well worth checking out. Excellent debut album, that much is certain and I think that this album has a chance of competing for a spot on my top ten list of the year – it is that good. And don’t you think that it is good to know that the sun will come out again as the clouds will clear?






Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: Long Distance Calling/Tides From Nebula/Tristeza
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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