Circle of Silence
The Crimson Throne

1. Conquer The Throne
2. Race To The Sky
3. Destroyers Of The Earth
4. The Chosen One
5. Lionheart
6. The Crimson Throne
7. Into The Fire
8. A Kingdom Divine
9. Endgame
10. Possessed By Fire
11. Wild Eyes

Nick Keim - Vocals
Christian Sommerfeld - Guitar
Tobias Pfahl - Guitar
Björn Boehm - Bass
Peter Suppinger - Drums

Your Own Story (2006)
The Supremacy Of Time (2008)
The Blackened Halo (2011)
The Rise of Resistance (2013)


Produced by Sinja Müller and Circle Of Silence at Sonic Diamond Studio.
Mixed and mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio B
Cover artwork by Francisco Garcés

Released 2018-04-27
Reviewed 2018-04-08



Circle of Silence returns after a five-year silence since their latest album The Rise of Resistance, and I think it is rather easy to conclude that they continue along the same path as their earlier works. They return with the same line up that they have had since their inception and the same style as before, staying true to their roots and their fans I guess. It is the third album on Massacre Records, they had two demos before that – it is also the third album that we review here at Hallowed, the first one was really good while the second was a more ordinary album. And I would say that this one follows the path of its predecessor and isn’t the most exciting one I have heard, but it is a safe bet and good album.

Of course we are talking power metal here, have you heard the band before you will recognise them now. It is power metal of the little more powerful kind, with a vocalist that has some authority to his voice. Good production, fierce guitars, high tempo, and plenty of energy – it is like their earlier albums. I think that we can describe this album as sounding quite a lot like expected, not particularly fresh or original just a solid power metal production with powerful sound and a strong production. Probably worth the wait for the biggest fans, and I would say that it is easy to take in and easy to enjoy for the power metal fan.

So, they keep to their path with power metal about heroes, war and destruction. It is good stuff, I find this album to be good, the songs work well and there are no real flaws to it. The biggest flaw is probably the lack of originality and that they kind of repeat themselves but I have learnt that this is what most music fans seem to want, they want bands to repeat the same album over and over instead of reinventing themselves so on that basis this album is a success. But as a critic it is also important to point out that this album is probably as bound to obscurity and its predecessor and many other similar albums, but until it is forgotten it can be enjoyed for a while.

Approved by Hallowed, could be the stamp on this album. I recommend it for the fans of Circle of Silence and for fans of the more powerful power metal that is created by the similar bands and the likes of Wizard or Paragon to name a few – so if you are one of those I think you ought to check out this album. And then the final conclusion has to be that Circle of Silence has put together another good album, they seem to be a very dependable quintet.





Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:
Fireforce/Mystic Prophecy/Rebellion
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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