Chris Bay
Chasing the Sun

1. Flying Hearts
2. Light My Fire
3. Move On
4. Radio Starlight
5. Silent Cry
6. Hollywood Dancer
7. Keep Waiting
8. Misty Rain
9. Where Waters Flow In Heaven
10. Bad Boyz
11. Love Will Never Lie

Chris Bay



Produceed by Chris Bay

Released 2018-02-23
Reviewed 2018-03-02



So far this has to be the highlight of the year, a happy sunny summer album in the middle of the freezing February when the temperatures are sneaking down below the -30°C-mark. It warms the frozen heart to listen to an album like this, even the cover is sunshiny and the press photos are barefoot and everything. But what can you expect from the frontman and founding member of the band Freedom Call, the catchiest and probably happiest power metal band in the world. But Bay even had more song ideas than fitted in with Freedom call and that was enough for him to put together this rather brilliant solo album where you can hear traces of freedom call, heavy inspirations of AOR and poppier rock music.

It may not exactly be the most innovative and creative album from the originality standpoint but Chris bay has smilingly put together a strong production and his vocals are as terrific as they ever are. It is catchy as hell. It is an album of pop rock songs with some touches of AOR, smidges of metal but mostly catchy as hell poppy rock songs that probably will make anyone crack a smile, at least a small one. Some tongue-in-cheek humorous lyrics like in Hollywood Dancer and the usual stuff that you can expect from Chris Bay – and it probably has the best vocals in the world. There is decent variation between the songs and it is an easy album to take to, and impossible not to like.

If you aren’t smiling, singing along, dancing along with what you hear at least in parts of this album there is something serious wrong with you. It is a brilliant album that makes one smile, it makes one feel happier, and it is medicine for the mind – pretty cheap and effective medicine. With some insanely catchy songs this album just strolls into the top spot of 2018 and lays claim to a spot in the warming sun far from the dull album that has preceded it, the video tracks Radio Starlight and Hollywood Dancer alone makes this the top album of the year and those aren’t exactly the only party pieces Chirs Bay’s debut album has to offer. Unhealthily catchy music sung with the best voice in the world makes this album a given choice and it is really an album that is impossible not to like – and you just have to like Chris Bay as he always manages to make excellent light-hearted music that is wonderful to listen to.

What a debut, it is just sheer brilliance from Chris Bay. We are treated to an album that one can’t dislike, and the same goes for Chris himself as you can’t dislike him either; always a smile and barefoot press photos – can it be better? I am not sure. So the conclusion is that it is the highlight of the year so far, turn the radio up and listen to Hollywood Dancer and you will understand what I am on about. And to end I am glad to write some lines about the best album I have heard since I took on the latest effort by Rockford Heroes in June last year. Recommended with a smile and a thumb’s up, it is simply an album that one should not miss, unless of course you want to be unhappy all your life. He is one hell of a musician that Chris Bay, so whatever you do don’t miss this album!





Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Three similar bands: Freedom Call/Beatles/Saga
Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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