1. Now
2. Sub-zero
3. My Grief
4. Feeling of Love
5. Q&A
6. In The Air
7. The Failure
8. What Remains
9. Hereafter

Juho Myllylä - guitars, vocals
Valtteri Seppänen - guitars, vocals
Maarten Vos - bass, vocals
Steven Favier - drums

Organic Waves (EP 2013)
Cold Heat (EP 2015)

Arttu Vauhkonen - keys
ANSoS - strings
Aurora Visa - kantele

Mixed by Eero Kaukomies at Sonic Pump Studios
Mastering by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
Album art by Jesse Harrison

Released 2018-05-07
Reviewed 2018-08-30

progressive gears

Progressive rock isn’t really that progressive considering that the bands in that genre sounds fairly similar and have done so for decades, nothing progressive about that. But perhaps when alternative comes into the description, like it does with Dutch/Finnish progressive rockers Burntfield who recently released their debut album Hereafter. The band themselves were formed in Finland back in 2012 and have since then released two EPs and relocated to Amsterdam and the debut album was recorded in both The Netherlands and Finland. And it has a landscape photo as a cover, a photo that is said to be a beautifully matching visualisation of the music. So lets continue to see what’s what.

Rock of the progressive kind is the music, quite familiar sounds overall and it is easy to come to think of many bands when trying to figure out who they resemble but perhaps that Pink Floyd is the best comparison. The music of Hereafter is generally of the atmospheric kind and the tempo is quite low throughout the album, there is a laidback feel to the album and perhaps they are quite correct in claiming that the music and the cover reflect one another. Good variation over the tracks and sensible playing time are other things I notice, and the good vocalist is another thing. I can also report that the production is good, the sound is quite excellent I think and despite the often pedestrian pacing of the album it still keeps me listening through the entire album.

Original isn’t really how I would describe this album, but I still think it sounds rather fresh. And I think it sounds good, really good. I like this album as the tracks are great and the album doesn’t have any noticeable weaknesses. But it is an album you need to give both time and attention, otherwise it might pass you by unnoticed as it is the subtle things that makes it so good, like the strings and kantele, it is things like that and not powerful choruses and stuff that makes the album so appealing. Anyone who enjoys the progressive rock should have a closer look at this album, it has very much to offer.

Great stuff and highly recommended is a good line to describe Hereafter. It may feel a bit slow and unassuming to some but anyone with a decent taste in music will find this album most brilliant. Quite an impressive debut album, a great journey to exciting musical landscapes is probably how I would describe this album. I think that Hereafter is an album worth checking out, so go ahead and do that now.





Label: Progressive Gears
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/It Bites/IQ
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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