Black Rose
A Light in the Dark

01. Sands Of Time
02. Hear The Call
03. Carry On
04. We Come Alive
05. A Light In The Dark
06. Web Of Lies
07. Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over
08. Powerthrone
09. Don’t Fear The Fire
10. Love Into Hate

Jakob “Jacke” Sandberg – Vocals
Thomas Berg – Guitar
Peter Haga – Drums/Keyboards
Anders Haga – Bass

Fortune Favours the Brave (1993)
Winds of Fire (EP 1995)
Black Rose (2002)
Explode (2004)
Rise Again (2011)
Turn On the Night (2013)


Produced by Black Rose
Mixed and mastered by Johan Gren at Studio Sensus
Guitars, bass and drums recorded by Peter Haga at Studio 51
Vocals recorded at Studio Cave by Pontus Ekwall
Songs written and arranged by Black Rose
Lyrics by Jakob “Jacke” Sandberg
Artwork by Morgan Elswyse

Released 2018-04-17
Reviewed 2018-05-04


sliptrick records

Roses of the black kind, and the Swedish kind, are what I am looking at today. The Swedish quartet makes it half dozen albums with this one and at first I figured that I had a couple of vinyls of theirs but it turned out to be from a British band with the same name. These guys have been around for a while now and the debut was released in 1993, since then there have been several demos, one EP and four more albums before this one. This new album is called A Light in the Dark but is it good enough to light up the darkness?

Original thinking isn’t lighting up the mood of the listener when playing through this album, it is classic hardrock with catchy choruses and pretty distinct riffs. Pretty much painted by numbers, with decent production and relatively good vocalist – nothing that really jumps out and strikes me as amazing. They keep it short though, and that is always a positive when making simplistic music without the depth to really make it stand for much scrutiny. The album feels a little bit predictable and doesn’t really capture me as a listener, my interest soon moves elsewhere.

Solid songs, pretty cool artwork, decent melodies and energy. I think Black Rose puts together an album aimed at those who enjoy the classic hardrock with distinct choruses, not much lyrical depth and decent energy. I loose interest for this album fairly quickly, sure there are quite good tracks but there are no real hits or standouts – the thing that stands out most from this album is the nice artwork, that is something I really like about this album. Fans of classic heavy metal might like more than the artwork, I think they might find this album quite good on all accounts.

Even when I look to be really kind I can’t help but missing that defining hit song and the novelty that makes it fun to listen to a new album. This feels just familiar and like something I have heard very many times before making it quite difficult to really manage to write something really exciting about it. For the fans of classic hardrock I think this will be an interesting and good choice, so if you are one of those you should check this album out.







Label: Sliptrick Records
Three similar bands: 220 Volt/Pretty Maids/TNT
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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