Black Cyclone
is King

1. Death Is Crowned as King
2. Hordes
3. Black Cyclone
4. Falling Star
5. Beast Battalion
6. IÄH
7. Under Your Hoof
8. Death by Crushing
9. This Is It

Ante Niemi - Guitars
Viktor Heineson - Drums
Per Andreasson - Bass
Peter Nilsson - Guitars
Linus Johansson - Vocals



Recorded by Viktor Heineson at Tyskens Studio
Mixed and mastered by Oscar Carlquist at Black Path Studios
Artwork and layout by Göran Nilsson at Hydra Illustrations

Released 2018-04-27
Reviewed 2018-11-24


gates of hell records

So, a black cyclone is blowing into the stereo and starts claiming that Death is King. It is the debut album by this Swedish quintet and it certainly doesn’t look very exciting, the cover feels a tad on the cheap side and I can’t really say that the music is different as it feels kind of low budget as well. And their style isn’t overly appealing as well, Lovecraft myths is one thing but themes of anti-religion, anarchy and anti-establishment just feels a tad daft. It seems quite politically correct and boring to be anti-establishment these days, thing is though that society does not work without some kind of establishment, anarchy is not good for anyone.

Their music can be described as old, not old-school but like sounding old – like some remnant from the eighties found in some hole in the dirt somewhere. The production sound cheap and old, not very fresh and not very original, the vocals are high pitched and whiny and unexciting but could probably be described as quite okay for the task. The album isn’t very varied though and you grow tired with it quickly, not only because the songs feels like you’ve heard them many times before but also because none of the tracks grabs me as a listener, I think the album is too long.

Not very impressive, not exciting, not creative, not original, not that good, not very well produced, in fact there is many nots that can be written about this album. The songs are not really poor, they are just not catching my interest and it grow tired with the album quite fast and find that I don’t manage to play through it in its entirety too many times as there are other albums and other music that feels much more interesting than what we get to hear when we listen to this album. Perhaps it might appeal to those who like the thrash or the eighties heavy metal stuff, those who think that déjà vu isn’t a bad thing in a new album will probably like this album.

The conclusion is that Death is King sounds like something someone has dug up from the past somewhere, it doesn’t really feel like a new album and it isn’t that great. Sure, there are those who will like it but chances are probably quite large that you will look upon it as myself and find that it isn’t particularly well worth the time it takes to play through it. I think that this is an album that you can overlook and don’t really miss anything worthwhile.





Label: Gates of Hell Records
Three similar bands: Kreator/Exodus /Slayer
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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