Entertain Your Force of Habit

1. One Way To No Way
2. Dead Lines
3. Ain’t No Party ‘Till You Hurt Sombody
4. Never Been
5. Crash
6. Light Away
7. Truck Leaking Gasoline
8. Dying Man
9. Hand In Hand To Hell
10. The Last Song In The World

Roey Berman - Drums
Matan Cohen-Grumi - Guitars
Rotem Inbar - Bass
Aharon Ragoza - Vocals

Some Tits, But No Bush (EP 2001)
New Hate (EP 2003)
Down Low (2005)
Freedom to the Slave Makers (2011)
The Devil Went Down To The Holyland (2013)

Bemet - keyboards on Dying Man

Produced by Betzefer & Roy Dotan
Drums and bass recorded at Pluto Studios by Or Bahir
Assistant Engineer: Rachel Yaron
Guitars and vocals recorded at Signal Studios by Roy Dotan
Mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios
Artwork by Yonatan Bereskin & Ricardo Werdesheim at Zaz
Design by Shahar Hemo at Plain

Released 2018-09-21
Reviewed 2018-09-11



Israeli band Betzefer returns with a new release, their fourth album that is an album that sees the band having a new singer since the previous guy left the band after their latest album. That almost saw the band folding but they found a good guy to take them forward and the result is this new album called Entertain Your Force of Habit. And according to the press material they are a veteran band but now rejuvenated and back at full swing, something like that. Not the best ever artwork I have seen, not really exciting at all. But never judge the book by the cover, so what about the music.

The music can be described as metalcore or groove metal, kind of groovy and powerful I think. Strong vocals of the hardcore feel, good groove to the vocals and I think the production is really strong, modern and powerful. It is a sensible album in terms of playing time and the band feels like they have confident feel to their sound and their music on this album that is split in ten tracks with a fairly decent variation throughout. I can’t say that it is an album that surprises in any way, it presses the same buttons that most groovy metalcore albums does and the feeling of novelty doesn’t really show up when playing through this album many times.

Overall I find this album to be a rather good one, but it is not a fantastic one. The tracks are all good, none of them really weak, but no track stands out and I find the album missing that little bit extra that makes a good album great. It is a solid metalcore album with good energy and good groove, kind of lively and energetic but it doesn’t really stand out and in my opinion there are several albums in this genre that I think are stronger than this one. It works and is fairly enjoyable where the sixth track might be the slightly more memorable one; fans of the genre should find it agreeable.

So, in the end I have to describe this as a solid effort, a good album but not one that stands out in the grander scheme of things. Fans of the genre and fans of the band’s previous works should check it out, so if you are one of those you should find this album good.





Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Pantera/A Perfect Murder/Chimaira

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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