Aux Era

1. Shine On, Fools
2. Rearview
3. Imposters
4. Flag Burner
5. Remedial Math


Dylan Ricard – Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Tommy Orza – Bass
Jeff Stieber – Drums



Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mario Quintero

Released 2018-02-02
Reviewed 2018-04-09



Particle physics is my first thought when seeing this album, the debut album by American trio Aux Era. A five-track album that plays for little over 35 minutes that certainly looks very exciting, and dramatic. I think that when I look at this album and take on it, the question that I have when I start the work on this album is whether or not it is as exciting on the musical side as the cover suggests. I guess that was my starting angle of attack but I have turned this album over and looked at it from many angles in order to think up something to write about it, because it is an album that certainly deserve some attention.

Little bit difficult to put into words what this album sounds like, it doesn’t quite fit into any typical box. It is a bit of post-rock with some stoner elements but can mostly be described as something ambient that meets something aggressive – a progressive journey through five tracks. I think that the best way to describe it is like an atmospheric and cinematic adventure through some fairly exciting sonic landscapes. Quite dramatic and exciting music with strong production and hypnotic vocals that adds a lot of life and soul to what we are hearing. I would claim that this album could be described as sounding fresh and quite interesting, but perhaps not an album that you just turn on to have in the background, as it is an album that require some time and attention.

Usually at this point I write that an album is good but fairly unexciting and not really creative, but this album is creative so that is a great exception to the rule. Sure there are good stuff and fresh stuff every now and again and I would certainly claim that Aux Era are one of those good and exciting albums that spice up the work of being critic. This album is a great adventure that is really good and enjoyable to listen to, it is always nice with bands that find their own paths through the often rather drab forests of music. It is also good that they keep it short and sweet with the playing time of only 35 minutes where I think the sum of the parts is greater than any of the individual parts but I think the opening track and the third track called Imposters are the strongest two tracks on the album.

Strong album, that has to be the conclusion. I recommend that you who think that music all to often happen to be quite uninteresting and looks for something that is outside the box take a look at this album. It is a great album and well worth checking out, and it most certainly is a very strong debut. Simply put: Aux Era has created a really strong album.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Colour Haze/ISIS/Godspeed You Black Emperor

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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