As A New Revolt

1. Speechless
2. Riot Porn
3. Now!
4. Perfect

Manu Barrero - vocals, machines
Julien Lhuillier - drums

As A New Revolt (2016)



Released 2017-12-15
Reviewed 2018-01-11


We get lots and lots and lots of music of all kinds here at Hallowed, and today it is a duo that is called As a New Revolt that is looked at. This is their second release called Speechless and it is a killer-EP according to the press sheet. It looks kind of interesting to me with a pretty cool artwork and inside the artwork we get four tracks and sixteen minutes of music, so it is a short and sweet little EP but what about the quality?

Well, stylistically they take an approach that isn’t overly used within the rock and metal genre. They are described as alternative or rapcore, and that isn’t a bad description but it isn’t entirely descriptive either. It has some hardcore, some punkrock influences to the soundscape as well. The sound is a bit low-key I think, not too clear and powerful as we hear in many modern productions these days. They make music that span a very wide variety and it has a kind of hip hop flow to it, I think it sounds kind of urbane in a way.

It starts well with the title track that I think is fairly appealing, almost exciting. It is a pretty strong track but other than that there isn’t much that grabs my attention. It is mostly annoying noise and it feels as the songs aren’t really getting anywhere, kind of like something frozen in position someplace. That’s too bad as they do have a creatively interesting approach but they just don’t manage to create music that is captivating enough.

Speechless has me at a loss for words, not because it is brilliant but because the songs are quite boring. You could check it out if you like the more alternative approach or if you like so-called rapcore, it might be appealing to you if you like that sort of thing. However, it is most likely that you will find this EP rather strange and ultimately quite uninteresting.






Label: Atypeek Diffusion / Sand Music
Three similar bands: Senser/Rage against the machine/Urban Dance Squad
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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