Architects of Chaoz

1. Rise
2. Dead Again
3. Hitman
4. A Moment Of Clarity
5. All Play Dead
6. Century Of Cancer
7. Into The Fire
8. Hollow Years
9. Pressure
10. Farewell
11. No Way Out
12. Bloodrain Falls
13. The Pulse Of The Sun

Titta Tani - Vocals
Andreas Ballnus - Guitars
Joey Siedl - Guitars
Christoph "Gonzo" Lücker - Bass
Dominik Nowitzki - Drums

League of Shadows (2015)

Schmier - add. vocals on No Way Out
Metti - harmony vocals on Dead Again

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studios
Pre-production by Joey at Bossfight Studio
Cover, booklet concept & design by Andy for Disorderly Design

Released 2018-05-25
Reviewed 2018-05-28



Architects are back with another piece of their Chaoz-theories. Their second album may prove revolution or only evolution, depending on how you want to look at the title and the parenthesis. The look is a bit darker than the debut album that was released about three years ago. They have changed vocalist for this album as well as kind of borrowing the title from a Hammerfall album, though with a slight change of the capital letters. And on this new album they offer us thirteen tracks of heavy metal, and considering that the previous album was a solid heavy metal album one would imagine that this one is as well – and that would not be wrong.

Of course there isn’t much chaos beheld for the one who listened through this album from start to finish. And I would consider the title to be more about evolution than revolution as this feels like a logical step onwards from the debut album. The new singer offer a wider vocal range and a more dynamic vocal performance, perhaps the vocals loose a bit of edge and power but the increased dynamics more than make up for that. The music is classic heavy metal, like the previous album but a touch more melodic and also a touch heavy I think. It is a slight step forward in all regards if you compare with the debut, but never anything revolutionary just an incremental change in a forward direction. And this album has thirteen tracks and I think the playing time is kept short enough not to make the album feel too long, it is relatively varied and dynamic without out ever falling outside the heavy metal framework in which it is operating.

Chaotic it is not, it is quite classic heavy metal that will go down well with fans of the genre and with those who enjoy the debut album will certainly enjoy this one. I think it is a really solid heavy metal album, compared with the debut I would claim that this one is slightly better but only an incremental improvement, perhaps they don’t want to scare of the fans they won with the debut – or perhaps they just don’t like to be brave and think outside the established boxes. I think this album works but it isn’t very exciting, it is good but I would have wanted a bit more revolution than evolution – I am sure that heavy metal fans will not be disappointed.





Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Paul Di’Anno/Battlezone

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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