The Amorettes
Born to Break

1. Can You Feel The Fire
2. Hello And Goodbye
3. Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock And Roll
4. Born To Break
5. What Ever Gets You Through The Night
6. Hell Or High Water
7. You Still Got Rock And Roll
8. Easy Tiger
9. Bat Shit Crazy
10. Coming Up The Middle
11. High On Your Energy
12. I Want It Bad

Gill Montgomery – guitar,vocals
Hannah McKay - drums
Heather McKay - bass

Haulin' Ass (2010)
Game On (2015)

White Hot Heat (2016)



Released 2018-04-06
Reviewed 2018-05-01



Rocker trio The Amorettes from Scotland are back with a new album, Born to Break is what they call it. It is their fourth album and it comes on a new label two years after the critically acclaimed predecessor White Hot Heat. I had some hopes for this new one as I think White Hot Heat was quite great and stylewise this album follows suit - and that is both in terms of boring cover and simplistic heavy rock’n’roll music.

On the music terms there isn’t much to say really, classic heavy rock music that is straight to the point with catchy choruses strong riffage and plenty of energy – these girls certainly knows how to rock. The production is modern and good; the sound is fairly fresh while the style feels like something lifted from far back in the past. There are no real musical surprises or original thoughts heard on this album, it is for those who just enjoy that simple and straightforward rock music. It is an album that is quite easy to take to and easy to like, but a bit on the long side with 48 minutes of playing time split on twelve tracks, they could have easily done away with two of the tracks to make it a more streamlined album.

Catchy and straightforward rock music that is near impossible to dislike and besides the problems with being selective it has no major flaws. I would however have liked to have a distinct hit song that stands out a bit, albums like this needs tracks that makes you want to come back to the album and play it again otherwise they are quite easily forgotten. And I don’t think this album has any track that stands out; they are all good and are built around strong choruses and so on so chances are that some will find memorable tracks even if I don’t. And I seriously doubt that any buyer will feel particularly disappointed with a purchase, as it is still a strong album that is quite enjoyable to listen to.

Kind of a step back from the killer predecessor, it is the same style and perhaps even better produced but the songs are not as good – the predecessor has several memorable songs while this has none. The Amorettes shows once again that they are great musicians and great rockers, they deliver a strong album but it lacks the heat of its predecessor.







Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Three similar bands: Airbourne/The Donnas/Joan Jett
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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