Ace Frehley

1. Without You I'm Nothing
2. Rockin' With The Boys
3. Your Wish Is My Command
4. Bronx Boy
5. Pursuit Of Rock N' Roll
6. I Wanna Go Back
7. Mission To Mars
8. Off My Back
9. Quantum Flux

Ace Frehley – lead and background vocals, rhythm, lead and additional guitars, bass guitar

Ace Frehley (1978)
Frehley's Comet (1987)
Second Sighting (1988)
Trouble Walkin' (1989)
Anomaly (2009)
Space Invader (2014)
Origins, Vol. 1 (2016)

Gene Simmons – bass guitar (track 1)
Scot Coogan – drums (track 1,3,4,7), background vocals (track 3, 4)
Alex Salzman – background vocals (track 2-4, bass guitar (track 3, 6)
Rachael Gordon – background vocals (track 2, 3)
Matt Starr – drums (track 2, 6, 9)
Ronnie Mancuso – guitar (track 4, 7)
Anton Fig – drums (track 5, 8)

Warren Huart – guitar (track 9)

Recorded at Ace in the Hole Studios
Produced by Ace Frehley, Alex Salzman (co-producer 1-8) and Warren Huart (co-producer track 9)
Eric Gonzalez – mixing assistant
Andrew Perez – mixing assistant
Hayden Cluff – assistant engineer for Warren Huart
Jay Gilbett – photographer
Ace Frehley & Paul Grosso– creative direction and design
Adam Ayhan – mastering
Warren Huart - mixing

Released 2018-10-19
Reviewed 2018-10-27



The Ace returns with an album from the Spaceman, or something like that. We all know the man as a guy who was in and founded Kiss, a band that has been carbon-dated to some time before present. That of course means that Frehley is a very old, quite ancient man – perhaps he is not even human, as they usually don’t like that long. The guy hasn’t been in Kiss since 2002, and they claim he is the guy from Kiss who has been most successful in his solo career. I don’t really know about that so I take their word for it, but I do know that I think the cover looks awfully boring and that it unfortunately also reflects what we get to hear on the album in terms of the music.

It is rock music of the old kind, kind of like said band Kiss where Frehley spent much of his time. Some nice guitar work, decent sound and decent variation and a playing time short enough to fit the vinyl format, and we are treated to a pretty average production. Average is probably the diplomatic way to describe how the Cro-Magnon spaceman sings on the album and I would claim that the vocals are not great. And the album doesn’t really come up with any fresh ideas, any space journeys or anything adventurous, just oldish rock music that could just as well have been a collection of rejects from Frehley’s time in Kiss.

Can’t really claim to be impressed with what Frehley has to offer on this album, the songs feel out-dated, and they feel tired – boring is a good word for what I think about this album. Sure, it isn’t so bad that I want to vomit cascades of half-chewed food all over the vinyl disk, or something similar. It is okay in that regard but it is not the most impressive rock album ever constructed, not even close. It is like myself in this review, kind of repeating the same tirades in different forms – he makes music that has been done before by many others and I would call him a very uncreative man, kind of like most rock musicians.

Kiss has made this kind of albums forever and it seems like Ace does the same, so why is he no longer in Kiss? Or why doesn’t he create something that doesn’t feel extremely boring? Perhaps the spaceman album should be tossed into orbit to get the chance to burn up on its way to re-entry, but as I am not that strong I just shred the album and rejoice over the fact that I am done with it now.




Label: eOne/SPV
Three similar bands: Kiss/Alice Cooper/Grand Magus
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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