Planet Hope

1. Borders
2. Ode to Creation
3. Planet Hope
4. Creep Under the Wire
5. Blind Spot
6. Embrace of the Presence
7. Conqueror of Horror?
8. Exit
9. The Ones to Find

Pelle Händén - keys
Jade Ell - vocals, add keys, glockenspiel
Jan Hellman - bass
Fredrik Söderström - drums
Mats Norberg – guitar
Alexandra Ekelöf - dancer
Andreas Liljeholm – actor

Prototype: Homo sapiens (2014)
Eyes Only (2016)


All songs written by Pelle Händén and Jade Ell

Released 2017-11-10
Reviewed 2018-02-23


Hope could be a strange name for a planet, but it could also be completely logical considering that it might mean something completely different in another language. Planet Hope can also mean that third album by a band called Xanima, a project that became a band of skilled performers according to the press info. They are from Sweden and it all begun in 2007 with producer Pelle Händén and singer Jade Ell, 2014 the first album was released and now in 2018 the third one sees light of day, released in the digital format. Shame that there is no physical release, as this album would have looked nice in the record shelf, the cover looks really good.

On the subject of musical style I think I’d best copy paste from the press material, it is quite telling: “Musically Xanima is hard to describe with a wide landscape of musical styles. Their creative blend contains almost everything you can imagine from pop, art rock, progressive rock with symphonic elements. The lyrics is also entertaining to follow and tell stories of mysteries in modern times, such as UFO, the power of the spirit and mind and the life after death.” It is song oriented with female vocals, good production and pretty varied, creatively it is quite strong I think. And the album is quite short with a playing time of about 37 split into nine tracks.

Planet Hope works really well, I think it is a quite good album with good tracks. Good vocals I think but I think that the most striking thing about their music is the good atmosphere. The feel is quite hopeful, a positive atmosphere I think and it is music that could bring a smile to the face of many who listen. I don’t think anyone who buys this album will be disappointed as it is a solid album with really good atmospheres.

Entertaining and hopeful album where the title track is the best track on an album that I think misses a real standout track. It is a good album that lacks that little bit extra, it can definitely be an album worth checking out because it is good and easy to like. But while it is easy to like, good and everything it is still not overly memorable and that is probably the greatest letdown for this otherwise strong album.





Label: Xanima Music
Three similar bands: Kate Bush/Astral Dance/Genesis
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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