69 Chambers

1. Deceleration
2. F.Y.L.
3. Machine
4. Little Bird Of Death
5. Who Am I
6. Happiness
7. Métamorphose
8. Loaded Gun
9. Chemical Poetry
10. Quantum Wave
11. Serpent Of Hypocrisy

Nina Vetterli-Treml - Vocals & Bass
Tommy Vetterli - Guitar
Diego Rapacchietti - Drums

War On The Inside (2009)
Torque (2012)


Produced, recorded and mixed by Tommy Vetterli at New Sound Studio, Switzerland
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber, Switzerland
Cover artwork by Oliver Nanzig (Photography) and Charles Blunier (Graphics)

Released 2018-05-25
Reviewed 2018-05-29



The Swiss machine has started again with a new album called Machine that features a really cool machine on the cover. And they start this 69 Chambers machine after a long silence, the predecessor was released in 2012 and the band members have done other things in the gap between these album and then gathered these experiences into making their most personal album yet. It is their third album and it follows Torque that received a decent review from us, so what about the trio’s new effort – is it something worth checking out?

Female fronted rock or metal is the simple way to describe this, quite melodic and catchy – relatively varied with up-tempo and lower tempo stuff, quite powerful. I think the vocals are quite good, as is the production even though there are better productions out there but the sound suits the band rather well. There are no real surprises on this album, stylewise they follow tried and tested paths and if you heard Torque you will find this to be a logical follower to that album. A slight improvement in every area compared with Torque I think, a bit long perhaps. The playing time is little over 50 minutes and split in eleven tracks, I think having one less track would not have hurt the album.

Overall I think that this is a good album, the tracks are strong and discounting a few bothersome sounds in one or two of the tracks I don’t think there are any weaknesses. Perhaps you could claim that the album is missing a standout hit song, the first track called Deceleration is probably the best on the album but it doesn’t really stand out and grab my attention. The second track is quite energetic as well, and it might be worth mentioning. So, I would claim that it is a good album and it will certainly appeal to those who liked the predecessor but probably also to those enjoying the female fronted heavy music.

I guess I have to say that the answer is yes; it can certainly be worth checking out. And even more worth checking out if you enjoy female fronted rock music, and I would say that they have delivered a pretty strong album – entertaining, solid and enjoyable to listen to. Sure, it will probably be a bit lost amongst the sheer number of albums released all the time as it doesn’t really stand out enough from the masses to really be noticed. Plain and simple; Machine is a solid album.





Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Theater of Tragedy/Eluveitie/Coroner

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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