Wömit Angel
Impaling Force of Satan

1. Planetary Destruction
2. Forgotten Name of Evil
3. Armageddon Wolfpack
4. Ceremonial Coffin, Ceremonial Death
5. Nun Raping Rock n' Roll
6. Impaling Force of Satan
7. Goat Hellfire
8. Possessed Misery
9. Mr. Barbie
10. Rat Mouth Saviour
11. Raping the Holy, Pt. 2
12. I Kill Everything I Fuck

W.Horepreacher – Bass & Vocals
Atomic Torment – Drums
J.Violatör – Guitars

Sodomatik Rites of I.N.R.I (2012)
Holy Goatse (2014)
Maggotmouth (2015)


Cover art by Ritual at Nucleart

Released 2017-03-18
Reviewed 2017-03-30


ketzer records

When you deal with underground music you sometimes find stuff that really deserves much larger attentions but have remained a hidden gem thanks to their promotion and exposure not allowing them the success they need. Sometimes you find stuff that deserves to remain hidden in that underground as it is really bad and should not be heard by anyone. Wömit Angel is one of those bands that truly deserve to be forgotten, the Finnish foetus rapists are releasing their third album and album with a cover artwork that squeals about what the band and album is all about. And I was kind of hoping that it was third time lucky, the good thing about writing about familiar bands is that you know them from before and while you hope that they surprise you it is often a faster process to review it even when you have to admit that you once again wasted hours on something pointless.

They do black metal with punk/crust influences, the production sounds poor, the vocals and lyrics silly and the whole package sounds like something pubertal and ridiculous. Look at the cover and look at the song titles and you know how it sounds. The twelve songs have you waste almost forty minutes of your life and when it has all been played through the prevailing thought is that this is a band that can’t have more fans than albums released, or band members for that matter.

I would describe this as a rather pointless album, a band spewing profanities and things like that just for the sake of it. I just don’t see the point of this album; it is another one of those pointless albums that feels like a waste of time. Wömit Angel deserves their place in the underground as they are really quite bad and I think both them and their two fans are aware of this fact and ultimately realise that their albums are exercises in futility.

Kind of like the exercise of writing this review. It is a pointless exercise writing about something that no one really cares about, a futile effort. I have just spent some of my time writing a review that no one will care about.



Label: Ketzer Records
Three similar bands: Impaled Nazarene/Motörhead/Carpathian Forest
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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