Warner Drive
Till the Wheels Fall Off

01. My Devotion
02. Don’t Give Up
03. Drop Dead Gorgeous
04. The Darkness
05. Karma’s A Bitch
06. Too Late For Sorry
07. LA Psycho Chic
08. Never Gonna Win
09. Anthem Of The Douche
10. You Make Me Smile

Jonny Law – vocals
Ryan Harris – guitar
Jonny Udell – drums
Candice Levinson – guitar
Elvis James - bass

Fully Loaded (2006)
K-Go! (2011)
City of Angels (2014)



Released 2017-07-28
Reviewed 2017-07-14

dead end exit

Warner Drive rocks hard all the time until the wheels fall off; it is the fourth album of this American quintet that stands for all that hard rocking. The three previous albums have been relatively successful for albums done in the DIY-fashion and now they are perhaps looking to take a bigger step forward. They are at least looking to play in locations from their native Hollywood all the way to Helsinki, so at least they are looking to take their music out to the adoring crowds – and why not, their music will probably go down very well with the rock music crowds out there, especially the more youthful ones.

It is catchy, energetic, and punk infused hard rock music with strong choruses and very good, modern production. Till the Wheels Fall Off have ten tracks, decent variation and a short enough playing time, certainly an album that can be played many times over for those who enjoys this kind of music. Decent vocalist that can be described as fairly typical of the genre, and the thing about these guys is that they don’t really offer much in terms of innovative musical thinking and that sort of thing. So, I guess you should look elsewhere if originality is what you are looking for, but they rock until things fall of and that is a positive note that can outweigh much of the lack of originality that comes with this album.

I think it is an album that deserves a thumb up; it is entertaining with strong songs, great sound and an overall appealing feel. I like the energy and the catchiness this album has to offer and the enthusiasm, it makes the album feel kind of youthful and uncompromising. Karma’s a Bitch is probably the best of the tracks on the album, but I think they are all good and that there are no weak tracks here – Anthem of the Douche is another track I think is worthy of a mention. An album worthy of some attention I think and anyone visiting this band’s shows somewhere between Helsinki and LA will have a great time as these songs will most likely work very well on the live stage and if the band is anywhere near as good there as they are on this album they will put on great shows.

A Warner Drive until the wheels fall of will be a great thing to do, this album is certainly worth looking closer at and I can recommend it for anyone who likes catchy enthusiastic rock music and for anyone who likes simple and straightforward rock music. With that I would have to suggest that you go for a drive, a Warner Drive.



Label: Dead End Exit Records
Three similar bands: Royal Republic/Danko Jones/Rise Against

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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